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Meals for Littles Ones - Easy Peasy with Petit Bowl (join the giveaway!)

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I'm a fan of Petit Bowl (read past posts here and here). So when I was invited to a food tasting by them, and especially when I learnt that the founder Ms Josephine Koh will be giving a presentation at the session, I was thrilled.

If you have not heard of Petit Bowl or have not tried them before, and you're a busy parent looking for wholesome meals that can be easily prepared for your child, read on and find out why you should give Petit Bowl a try.

What is Petit Bowl?

Started in 2009, Petit Bowl is the first local company to introduce the "cook and freeze" concept of kids' meals at a commercial level. Their products, also known as 'frozen solutions', is made of the freshest organic fruits and vegetable ingredients, together with fresh meat and fish with no added salt, sugar or artificial flavourings. The company is also committed to the highest standards of hygiene and quality, and have strict quality control measures that adhere to NEA standards.

I understand from Petit Bowl that they pay very strict attention to the process of food preparation, making sure that as soon as the cooked food are cooled to the right temperature, they are immediately freezed to ensure that the food remain fresh for as long as possible.

Freezing is able to preserve the freshness of food because microbes, which cause food spoilage, become inactive and cannot multiply in cold temperatures.

The products

Petit Bowl has over 70 products for babies as young as 4 months old (starters), to meals for kids who are three years old and above (see their complete menu). Customers can either dine in or take away.

The starter pack (pureed food, for 4 months and above) comes in a tray of nine capsules. The shop used to offer a mix of flavours for each starter tray but now it's limited to one flavour per tray because Josephine said this helps parents who are weaning their children to ascertain if a specific food causes an allergic reaction in their children (if you just eat one or two capsules, you might not be able to tell).

For dining in: 4 oz for nine months onwards, can upsize to 6 oz. Food for children ages three and above come in 6 oz or upsize to 12 oz. Kenan, now 1.5 years old, can finish a bowl of 6 oz chicken penne meant for the older kids.

The food tasting

Besides Kenan and myself, mom bloggers Daphne, Mama J, Madeline and PC and their little ones were there as well.
The kids having fun playing with one another. The shop has quite a few toys and books available for their young customers.

(photo courtesy of Mama J)
Josephine, founder of Petit Bowl, giving a presentation on their products. I was thrilled to finally meet the woman who created all these wonder products that helped me through a really tough period few months back. And now, I'm a regular customer.
Halfway through, Kenan got restless and started playing with the empty cups. We tried total of 11 items. He didn't eat much, as the event was just after his breakfast, but he finished all of the chicken penne - which was a hit with the kids! He also enjoyed the yogurts very much.

Why I like Petit Bowl 
  • It had been a great way for me to introduce food like beef and mutton to Kenan, since we don't really cook these at home.
  • It was also an easy way for me to let him try out more textured food as he grows older.
  • It's an easy, quick and hassle-free way to prepare a meal for Kenan. I now use Petit Bowl mainly during the weekends, which are usually packed with activities and I have no time or too tired to cook for the little boy.

Some tips on taking Petit Bowl food 

1. To heat up, use either a steamer or microwave oven (must remove the plastic cover for both methods).

2. While you can heat up the food directly using a steamer or microwave oven (the plastic container is microwaveable), if you're like me, who worried about the plastic container emitting chemicals during the heating up process, just take out the food and put into a bowl before warming up.

3. The frozen meal can be taken on its own, or as ingredients in porridge or pasta. I normally do that, and one frozen meal (the 4 oz one is packed into two capsules of 2 oz each) can then be used for two separate meals. As for the 6 oz ones, I'll thaw it in the fridge and then scoop half for lunch and the remaining for dinner.

If after reading all this and you are interested to give Petit Bowl a try, here's your chance!

Petit Bowl has generously offered to sponsor a giveaway on this blog. There will be two vouchers of $25 each, this means there is going to be not just one but TWO winners!

This is how you can take part in this giveaway:

Read the following statements then leave a comment on this post, sharing with me which statements you feel is true for you (there's no limit to how many statements you can choose), e.g. you may say, "Statements 1, 2 and 4 is true for me!"

Graphics courtesy of PC

By the way, Petit Bowl has recently launched their online shop! Please do visit the site and if you could, do share on this blog what you feel about their product range and what else you hope to have. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated by the people at Petit Bowl!

This giveaway will end next Monday, 1 August, at 11.59pm. Winners will need to collect the vouchers at Petit Bowl within two weeks from the announcement of winners.
You can also hop over to blogs by Mama J, Madeline and PC and read about their experiences with Petit Bowl and participate in the giveaway there as well :)


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