Saturday, January 15, 2011

Petit Bowl - Solution for a Quick Meal

Recently I discovered a solution to quickly and easily prepare my boy's meals - Petit Bowl at United Square.

Petit Bowl is a cafe that sells frozen meals for babies (four months onwards) and children. The food are "without added salt, sugar or artificial flavourings".

I first came across the cafe some months back but never thought of getting anything there as our old helper was still around and she cooked Kenan's meals for me.

But now that the new helper has yet to arrive and I'm getting really tired from doing all the housework, I thought why not get the frozen meals and make cooking for Kenan easier? But before that, we decided to let Kenan try out the food first.

Kenan playing with some of the toys in the cafe

As we've not cooked much red meat for him so far, we thought it would be great to give him either beef or lamb. We chose the pumpkin stewed beef (beef, pumpkin, apple) as suggested by the staff; it was marked as 'Chef's Recommendation' and smells really yummy. By the way, the cafe also let us tried two items and if I'm not wrong, different items are available for sampling everyday.

While Kenan doesn't particularly like beef, the stewed beef and the two samplings smell so irresistably good that we just decided to go ahead and buy something for our boy. We bought the following:
  • Lamb casserole (4oz for $6.90) - includes lamb, potato, carrot and tomato
  • Chicken with tomato and rice (4oz for $5.90) - includes chicken, tomato, carrot, potato and brown rice
  • Cod fish spinach and alphabet pasta (4oz for $6.90) - includes cod fish, spinach, milk, cheese and gulten-free pasta
  • Buttenut risotto (4oz for $4.90) - includes butternut, tomato, brown rice and cheese
The frozen meals are packed neatly into a plastic box for taking away

The 4oz meals we bought were split into two 2oz cups (so you can use either half the portion of the full amount).  To heat up the food, remove the cover and either steam (recommended) or microwave the plastic cup. The frozen meals can be kept in the freezer compartment of the fridge for up to a month.

For the complete menu, see here. The options include baby starter pack (for babies four months onwards) that comes in a pack of nine capsules (can choose three flavours- mainly pureed fruits and vegetables) and blended/pureed meals like those we purchased. There are also desserts for babies nine months and older, and meals for children three years onwards.

The owner was very friendly and came to find out about Kenan's eating preferences to make appropriate recommendations. I mentioned that it appears that Kenan doesn't really seem to like chewing his food. So he suggested that we use the frozen meals as ingredients for the porridge.

And that was exactly what I did for the past few days where I steamed the frozen meals, add it to plain porridge, mix well and a wholesome, healthy meal is done. Sometimes, this kiasu mom would even put in additional ingredients.

By the way, the food Petit Bowl sells are more 'western' style; you can make it more Chinese or Asian by adding to porridge like the way we do.

However, it isn't a solution that is as easy on the pocket as it is to cook. Yet in desperate times as these, I'm more than happy to fork out the money!

Petit Bowl
101 Thomson Road, United Square #01-77/78
Tel: 6256 5359


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