Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Free-Range" Baby

Since Kenan started crawling (slightly over eight months old), it's been getting busier and busier for this mommy, as well as her helper.

Recently, he has also learnt how to pull himself to a standing position and once he does that, he is all over the coffee table and the TV console. He loves to grab things from the fromer and plays with the speakers or buttons on the DVD player on the latter.

So I rented a play yard (from Rent That Toy, $25 a month) to create a confined area for him to play in.

He sure looks happy playing in the play yard. But not for long! Each time, after about 10 minutes, he would be making lots of noises to ask us take him out. And then off he goes, crawling all over the house, with poor mommy or the helper following him wherever he roams! 

Unless I find a solution quick, I'll have to resign myself to raising a "free range" baby!

Any mommies with any brilliant ideas to solve my 'problem'?



The Kam family said...

My kids are totally "free-range" :-) We have never used play yard or a playpen to confine our kids. We child proof our house instead, well, kinda. Keep away all those stuff they are not supposed to reach/touch. And all their toys and books are within their reach easily. We just let them roam, they are free to explore anything, good for their development, I reckon. But then I am a FTWM, so my "problem" was not as big as your "problem" :-) Good luck!

Ruth Wong said...

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, I kinda decided that it's best to have a "free-range" baby - because he really loves discovering the world around him and I think that is good for his development, just like you said. So yes, will just have to put in more efforts to child-proof the house!


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