Friday, July 30, 2010

Playdate with Two Jie-jies

As a child, I was painfully shy and didn’t know how to socialise. I attribute this to the fact that my parents didn’t bring me out much when I was little. So now as a mom, I think it is imperative that Kenan gets to meet more people from young, and thankfully, he seems to enjoy socializing.

Today, he got the chance to meet aunty Angie, my good friend and a WAHM with two lovely girls. While this wasn’t the first time he’s seen aunty Angie, it was his first time meeting the two jie-jies!

Usually before I bring Kenan out, I would pre-empt him and tell him what we’ll be doing later. I’m not sure if he understands anything of what I say, but I’ve observed that by informing him beforehand, it seems to help him warm up faster or adapt to the new environment much better.

Like today, the moment I plonked him on Angie’s sofa, he started smiling at the people around him. I was really pleased, not just because he warmed up quickly, but because I hope this means he is growing up into a sociable little boy. It was most fun seeing how he interacted with other adults as well as the two lovely jie-jies, Jo and Belle, ages 7 and 4 respectively.

Of course, Kenan is really too small to know how play with the two girls. But they were extremely sweet and tried to entertain him. Belle was generous and brought out toys for Kenan to play with. Amongst them was a green bouncy ball – I sat Kenan on it and bounced him up and down and he was thrilled. Then the girls took turns in trying to carry him. Jo, being the older one, could carry him well and he was smiling away. When Belle carried him, he 'bullied' her and fidgetted and the poor girl couldn't hold him down.

But the highlight of the day was probably something that Belle said – she announced that she wants to marry Kenan! I find that really cute, don't kids just say the most amusing things in the world? Then Jo let out a secret: Belle had said that to a few other boys too. Hahaha, and I had thought it was because Kenan was really cute!

As for me, it’s really good to be able to just put work aside for a while and spend time with friends. It certainly helps to keep me sane.

Thank you Angie, for having us over. We really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the next meeting! Thanks too for the photos!

Thursday, July 29, 2010











Tuesday, July 27, 2010

See Me Sit

Last Sunday, we had dinner at a restaurant with my mom-in-law and our two little nephews. Since Kenan has been sitting well on the highchair at home, I decided to let him try the one at the restaurant. This wasn't the first time he's been on a highchair in a restaurant, in fact, the very first time he ever sat on a highchair was at Jack's Place over a month ago when I was having lunch with some of the forum mommies. But he didn't manage to sit long in it.

So this time, we were pleasantly surprised that Kenan sat without a fuss in the highchair throughout the meal and he seemed to be enjoying himself. I think it helps that he had two cousins to entertain him.

By the way, the highchair at this restaurant has a very retro feel. I remember my dad used to own a chair very similar to this with the same kind of multi-coloured plastic strips. He would love to read newspapers in the chair. How I miss him.....

Anyway, here are some photos of Kenan in the retro highchair.

Look how well I'm sitting in the highchair!

Oh, that looks interesting...

Hey, what are the people behind us eating?

Mommy, I'm getting bored...

Good thing I have two gor-gors to play with me!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project Nursing Rooms - Compasspoint

The spacious baby room in Compasspoint shopping mall is located on the fourth floor, just next to the food court. Brightly coloured paintings of animals lined the walls of the room. There are two changing tables and nursing rooms here, but I don't remember seeing any hot water dispenser though.

One of the two changing tables

The two nursing rooms are at the end, they are spacious enough to push my bulky stroller in

The basins are across from the changing units

Cleanliness: 3.5/5
Amenities: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5

Monday, July 19, 2010

Project Nursing Rooms - Great World City

Of all the nursing rooms I've visited, the one at Great World City is my favourite. It's easy to understand why - beautiful white furnishing, chandelier hanging from the ceiling, paintings with fairy motifs on the walls and cute cot mobile dangling above the changing tables - the efforts that have gone into it really touches my heart. The most recent time I was there, my cousin and friend were around. They were blown away and couldn't help snapping pictures too.

There are two nursing rooms here, each comes with an armchair and a small little table. I saw a powerplug at the side of the wall, but I can't really quite think of any use for it. Hm.. for breastpumps maybe? Outside, there are two changing tables, a hot water dispenser and washing area.

Beautiful white furnishing, pretty paintings and sparkling chandelier lend this baby room a classy and cozy ambience. By the way, this is one of the two changing tables, which are adjacent to each other

It's such a pleasant experience feeding the baby here!


Cleanliness: 4.5/5
Amenities: 4/5
Ambience: 4.5/5

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Weaning Journey: In the Beginning

Kenan has turned six months old! I have breastfed him for half a year and I must say it feels like an accomplishment, considering that I almost gave up after encountering some difficulties during the initial days.

Now, he is moving on to the next phase - taking semi-solids. As usual, this mommy here is a blur and scrambled to find out what needs to be done. We also just bought a high chair for him, the day before we  started the cereal. But this wasn't a last minute buy though -the store ran out of stock and we waited for the new chairs to arrive, and thank God they came in time!

And here are the photos to chronicle Kenan's journey...

Kenan tries out the high chair at Ikea. At $25, it's a steal.
(tray and support cushion are sold separately)

We have this philosophy of not spending a bomb on baby stuff, because of the high chance that the items will end up in the store room. 

On this particular high chair, we thought it's so cheap that even if Kenan ends up not liking it and we have to give it away, we won't feel the pinch!

From the store to the home - Kenan gets a try on HIS high chair, and he seems pleased with it!

Kenan's first food - Happybellies organic brown rice cereal

I didn't know what cereal to get but some hardworking mommies from the forum did their research and recommended this brand of organic cereal. Happened that someone organised a spree and I joined in. Thank God for the forum mommies!

Daddy had the privilege of feeding Kenan his first cereal

Kenan wants to feed himself and grabs the spoon from daddy

It was quite a mess and Kenan isn't too happy about it! *LOL*

This is the start of Kenan's journey in taking semi-solids. Already, I'm beginning to dread it somewhat, because of the amount of effort that goes into his meals - from making the cereal (I express breastmilk to mix with the cereal) to the feeding, plus all the washing that goes with it. In comparison, breastfeeding is a breeze. Yet on the other hand, I also look forward to finding out what tickles my boy's palates and what his favourite foods will be. I'm really hoping that he will be a foodie like daddy and mommy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So Happy

I submitted an article to a client yesterday. This is a new corporate client and I really don't know what to expect.

I emailed the article to her in the late morning and waited... and waited... and by 5pm, I still didn't hear from her. I prayed that no news means good news.

A few minutes ago, I checked my account and saw her reply. This is what she wrote:

"This is a very well written piece. I only need to make some minor revisions. Many thanks for your excellent work."

Wow! I totally didn't expect this. I'm really happy and glad that the client appreciates my work. Thanks J!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Project Nursing Rooms - Harbourfront Centre

Since I started breastfeeding, I've been to quite a number of nursing rooms in various shopping malls. Some of them are really impressive, while others, I hope I would never have to utilise them again. Along the way, I've started taking pictures of the nursing rooms, initially for the fun of it. But I thought, why not make it a project and share with other mommies here, especially the new moms.

So I've decided to start with one of those that I frequent - Harbourfront Centre. The one I'm reviewing here  is located on the third floor, on the way to the toilet that is nearest to the foodcourt. There's another one at the same spot, one floor down.

Nursing area - can fit in a baby stroller (and mine's quite bulky),and the seat can accomodate two persons

One of the three changing tables. There's a hot water dispenser and washing area next to it.
The walls are lined with cute wallpaper

The other two changing tables (opposite the one above)


Cleanliness: 4/5
Amenities: 3.5/5 
Ambience: 3.75/5

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fresh Perspectives

Kenan is learning to see things from fresh perspectives, and by doing so, has found a whole new way of entertaining himself.

What happens is, he now enjoys looking at things upside down. He would lift his chin and tilt his head backward. He enjoys looking at the window this way, and loves it even more when looking at his daddy and mommy this way, and would sometimes shriek in delight.

It’s true when people say that we can learn so much from our children. In this case, Kenan’s newfound means of self-entertainment becomes a reminder to me to look at situations with fresh eyes, especially when things seem not to be going well. I believe there’s always two sides to a coin, it just depends on what we choose to look at and focus on. We can choose to dwell on the negative, or seek to find a fresh perspective of the situation and SMILE, just like Kenan does!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've been sick for a few days now. Started with fever, then a sore throat. While that remains, a really bad cough due to a ticklish throat has also developed. Nights are bad, as the moment my head hits the pillow, I'll start coughing. And it goes on and on throughout the night. Needless to say, I'm tired out. I haven't been this sick for a long while, and I hate it.

But it's worse now that I'm a mommy. I no longer have the luxury of getting a good rest, because I have to look after Kenan. On top of that, I need to be extra careful so as not to pass any bug to him. So since the cough started, I've been wearing a mask. Even then, I couldn't really play with him because talking irritates my throat and brings on the cough. All these seem to have an impact on him, as I started noticing that he has hardly smiled at me today. I guess it's because he couldn't see my smiles and thus didn't respond accordingly. But what made me sad was that he had found a new playmate in the helper and was so generous to her with his smiles! I felt really jealous and upset.

Making it worse is that I really miss being close to him. I miss raining kisses all over his cute litte face; I miss smelling his 'babyness' after his bath; I miss 'biting' his fingers and making him laugh; I miss planting kisses on his stomach and hear him giggle....

Ironically, I've always wanted to get away from Kenan and have more personal time. But now, I realise just how attached I've grown to him that I can even be jealous if he smiles just a bit more at the helper. I can't wait to be well again and hope my son won't forget how I look like by then!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things are Looking Up

Although it's only the start of July, I'm already feeling that this is going to be one good month!

There were a few exciting things that took place over the last few days, beginning with the AGM of the AICI South-Asia Singapore Chapter on Friday. It was a good time catching up with all the image consultants, after being away for such a long while (since getting pregnant till now). Given the SATC theme, the AGM turned out to be a fashion extravaganza with all the members looking so stylish and gorgeous. It was certainly an inspiration, fashion wise!

Then on Monday, I went  for my makeover photo shoot. I need some professional photos for my potential website (or I might use it for business card, not decided yet). I've not had any photos taken at a studio since my wedding, so it really brought back a lot of fond memories.I had tonnes of fun, and really enjoyed getting dolled up by Amy and Cindy (makeup and hair respectively). I love you ladies, you both did such a wonderful job, I couldn't have ask for more!! Below are some candid shoots to share.

Getting the hair done by Cindy

Photographer Eng Howe from Montage Studios is a really funny guy!

Taking a glimpse of the photos

I'm having fun!

Events and activities aside, the real reason I am feeling happier is that I am finally getting back on track.  Honestly, the past few months have been some of the most challenging times I've ever experienced. As much as I love my son, I really can't give up my work, and it's been a constant struggle between wanting to give more time to my boy, and striving to achieve greater things in my career. There was a fleeting moment when I had thought of giving my boy a sibling, but I can't imagine going through the whole cycle a second time. I'm only starting to get my life back, I can't bear the thought of losing it again.

But whatever it is, I'll enjoy my time now.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weaning Your Baby - A Philip Avent Event

Last Saturday, we attended ‘Weaning Your Baby’, an event organised by Philip Avent. The programme included talks by Dr Yvonne Ng Peng Mei, Consultant, National University Hospital and Mrs Wong Boh Boi, Assistant Director, Thomson Medical Centre, as well as a live demonstration on how to prepare two yummy baby recipes using the Avent steamer cum blender. Participants were later treated to a scrumptious buffet lunch.

Below are my takeaways from what the two speakers had shared.

Dr Ng – Tips on Weaning

Dr Ng highlighted that according to international guidelines on weaning, the recommended period for babies starting on semi-solids is not before 17 weeks and not later than 26 weeks. She stressed that babies need energy-dense and nutrient-dense food, which are to complement and not replace milk.

She advised that new food be introduced every few days to see if baby can tolerate it. She said that the most common sign of allergy is break out of rashes. Parents should worry when their babies develops serious signs of allergy like swollen eyes and difficulty breathing. Egg white, peanut and seafood, which are common in causing allergies, should be delayed till one year old.

Lumpy foods can be introduced from 10 months onwards. When babies reach eight, nine months old, they can be given finger foods. Parents should note that salt should not be used in baby’s food until after baby turns one-year-old.

As for fruit juices, Dr Ng cautioned against giving too much – it should be limited to 120ml per day for babies less than 12 months, and not more than 240ml for babies older than 12 months.

She added that meal times should be an enjoyable affair for the baby. However, there should not be excessive playing during feeding either.

Food guideline:

6 months – purees, mashed foods
8 months – finger foods
12 months – family food

She directed the audience to the Health Promotion Board’s website for more information.

When Dr Ng flashed the HPB guidelines on the screen, some members of the audience were surprised. Dr Ng said the recommended portions do appear quite large, so asked parents to moderate it (I took a look at the guideline again after the event; it says for babies up to 12 months, so perhaps that's why the portions look big? For younger babies, we just need to reduce the amount accordingly).

Mrs Wong – Make Feeding Fun and Educational

As Dr Ng had mentioned, Mrs Wong reiterated that parents should make eating fun, and one way to do so is to let babies eat with the family. This is also a good way for babies to learn socialising. In addition, she advised parents not to let babies eat in a corner of the house, it’s as if they are being punished. Parents can also make feeding fun by taking turns to feed each other – mommy feed baby, and baby feed mommy!

Mrs Wong noted that some parents like to keep wiping baby’s mouth when feeding. She told parents not to be obsessed with wiping, and accept that feeding a baby is going to be a messy affair. The reason being that babies associate wiping of mouth as the end of a meal, so if parents keep wiping, they will get confused and wonder why have they finish eating so many times! This drew bouts of laughter from the audience.

As for types of first foods, infant cereal is the most common. According to the slide she showed, from six months, parents can prepare cereal by adding four tablespoons of infant cereal to 200ml of milk in a bowl. Mixed into a paste and feed baby with a teaspoon.

Other examples of food that are good as first foods include sweet potato, potato, porridge, papaya, banana and pumpkin.

When introducing new food, Mrs Wong advised that if baby doesn’t like something, take it away for a while and then reintroduce it later, and in smaller portions. She said parents can also try disguising the food e.g. feed it to the baby with some other foods and make it colourful too.

However, parents should not to force babies to eat something. After all, feeding is not a battle, she pointed out. More importantly, don’t bargain with your baby.

Here's a feeding guide Mrs Wong shared:

During the Q&A session, one mommy from the audience asked why is it that her baby seems to have problems swallowing foods like sweet potato. Mrs Wong explains that sweet potato and potato tend to be more dry, so parents can add milk to make it easier for babies to swallow.

Mrs Wong suggested that parents don’t have to mix all the foods together all the time, it can look unappealing (one example popped into my mind - mixing spinach and pumpkin – I bet the colour will look awful!), and the taste may not be so nice when you mix everything together. So put the food separately, and also give baby chance to taste the original taste of each type of food.

Then she reminded the audience that it’s very common that babies don’t get enough of iron, so parents should take note of this when preparing babies’ meals.

After turning one year old, babies can take food from family meal and it's not necessary to cook separate food for them.

Live Demonstration

After Mrs Wong’s segment, there was a live demonstration on how to use the Philip Avent steamer cum blender.

The facilitator did two recipes for the audience to try. Bubt I only managed to taste one of them – the Chickadee Dreams (chicken, carrots and sweet potato) and I love it! It’s amazing how tasty it is and there’s no salt or sugar added!!

We've bought the Avent blender cum steamer recently. Seeing how easy it was to prepare baby foods with this gadget gave my confidence a boost. I'm looking forward to the day when I start Kenan on semi-solids, I hope to make it a fun adventure for him!

Additional Information

Here are some simple, easily digestible articles on weaning:
1. Weaning Your Baby onto Solids
2. Weaning Winners
3. "Wean" your baby over with nutritious organic Healthy Times baby food!
3. Recommended dietary allowances (HPB)
4. Rashes and Runs - When Food is the Culprit


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