Monday, April 25, 2011

Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk - A Visit in the Day

Over the Easter weekend, we found ourselves back to Punggol Riverside Walk. We were there in the morning, about ten-ish, and saw quite alot of people. It appeared that many  had gone there for their morning exercise - jogging, walking and cycling, with quite a lot of them making their way home already. And we  realised why - there wasn't much shade available (much to my dismay; I had thought it would be like the East Coast beach!) and the sun beat down mercilessly on us. So we didn't stay long, just enough for Kenan to explore nature a bit.

There are lots of plants along the riverbank so Kenan had fun looking, poking and pulling at them. He was also fascinated by the ants on the ground and we even spotted a millipede.

In my previous post, I mentioned about three eateries - Popeyes, Frienzie and Xian that are in operation in the area. This time round, we discovered there's actually two more new restaurants and other amenities that are opening soon.

Shin Nichi - a new Japanese restaurant; looks like it has opened for business.

Another seafood restaurant; not sure if it's already opened. Saw recruitment ad on its door.

Pond under construction - most likely for fishing or prawn fishing.

This buidling houses a sports centre with facilities for pool (probably billiard too.. can't see too clearly from the window) and street soccer. I think the fishing pond is owned by them as well.

Frienzie Bistro & Bar - the sitting area near the riverbank offer a great view of nature

 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - a day view

Like Frienzie, Xian Seafood Restaurant & Bar also has a sitting area near the riverbank

I think the place has great potential to become a popular spot - especially for residents in the north-east of Singapore. But parking will likely become an issue. After all, there's only two car parks and given the number of restaurants and facilities here, I doubt the parkings lots will be enough. We will see.

Anyway, I would recommend coming here either early  in the morning or the late afternoon to early evening, and for a nice dinner at night in a rustic setting.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Looks like a good area to explore. Just for a change. But it can really do with more trees/shade!

Ruth said...

Yes, certainly will be so much better with more shade. The promenade's still undergoing construction, let's hope they will factor this in! We hope to explore the other end which joins Lorong Halus Wetland the next time :)

O Tulip Mama said...

hi happened to see your last post from Motherinc's blog so dropped by. Also I was at the punggol promenade riverside walk last friday late afternoon. It was super crowded and cars were parked all the way out to the road leading in. Uncle Leong is opened and a friend mentioned the seafood is nice.
BTW, tks for the wide coverage and pic of the place, I think I've missed out some of the restaurants and sports centre.
Will visit your blog again!

Ruth said...

Hi Tulip Mama, thanks for letting me know Uncle Leong's opened! I'll definitely give it a try soon!

Ruth said...

Was at Punggol Promenade last night for dinner and Uncle Leong was not opened yet :( I must say the parking situation was VERY BAD. The place definitely need MORE parking lots. Even if the car park at the side of the sports centre opens, I doubt it will solve the traffic problem. Perhaps they should consider building a multi-storey car park!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth ,If i wanted to go there by cab , How should i tell the cab driver the exact address ? Isit , Punggol promenade ?

Ruth said...

Hi, I'm not sure if all taxi drivers will know Punggol Promenade. If I'm not wrong, it should be Tebing Lane. The nearest LRT is Riviera. Basically, you need to drive along Punggol East and keep a look out for Tebing Lane (opp a big open field, right next to blks 167-167D). When you see that, turn into the small lane. It's actually in between a temple and Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape. After you turn into Tebing Lane, a short distance away you turn left again and you will see the Punggol Promenade (the car park is right up front and you should also be able to spot Popeyes). Btw, you can refer to this map:
Hope the info is clear enough and that you'll enjoy the place!


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