Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Loving this Butter Milk Toast!

I enjoy having tea (literally) with the hubby. We frequent places like Ya Kun and Toast Box where I get to enjoy a nice cup of teh si (tea with evaporated milk). Often, we will order toast to go with our drinks. Honestly, I'm not big on  toasts (kaya/peanut butter/pork floss... whatever) because I always think why pay a premium for something I can easily do at home . And for that amount, I can buy a whole loaf of bread or half a bottle of kaya or peanut butter (sounds like I'm cheapskate, I know!)

But recently, I got to try a new creation at Toast Box and fell in love with it immediately. I love it because it was delicious, and I suppose it would not be something I can easily replicate at home, given my rather poor cooking skills (suffer the hubby and kiddo).

This 'love affair' started with a Toast Box discount coupon I received.

Last week when hubby and I were out dating, we passed by one Toast Box outlet and decided pop in for a nice leisurely afternoon tea. The coupon was for tea/coffee with either the Butter Milk Thick Toast or Tom Yum Garlic Thick Toast. We looked at each other and knew which toast to go for.

When the hubby returned to our table after placing the order, he told me the staff said we'll need to wait eight to 10 minutes for the Butter Milk Toast. I began to wonder what's the big deal - and got my answer when it finally arrived at our table.

Initially, I thought it would be a thick layer of condensed milk slapped on the bread (that's why I wondered why the eight to 10 minutes wait).

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find "a blend of butter and fresh milk spread on the bread" and toasted to give it a nice crust with a golden hue. When you bite into it, you get to taste moist buttermilk beneath the crust, and it wasn't very sweet. It was yummy and wholesome, and goes perfectly well with my favourite Teh Si! At just $1.80, it's truly a delicious treat!

By the way, I thought their new drink - Pepsi Calamansi ($2.50) would be really nice on a hot day, and so is the Mango Aloe Vera ($2.50). Has anyone tried them yet?


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