Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Things to be Grateful For...

Not sure about you but I'm quite happy that all the festivities are over and life is quietly settling down into old routines.

Strangely, while I'm not one who likes rules, yet I come to realise that I do appreciate routines. It brings with it a certain orderliness and predictability that can be quite calming.

Looking at the months ahead, I really do need a strong routine in place, as there are some big projects in the pipeline that will occupy much of my waking hours. So I really need to manage my time and the household well so that I can be as productive as possible.

And talking about the projects, I'm really thankful. They are projects that are meaningful to me and I'm excited that I'll get to work on them (I'll probably share more along the way).

Work aside, the little boy is at a stage where he's developing his linguistic skills rapidly. Not only is he saying some new words everyday , he's also able to reply us in simple two-, three-word phrases. Such as when he was playing with bubbles, he would say "coming down" to describe where the bubbles were going or tell us "from there" when asked where he picked something up from.

The most interesting of all is probably how he calls himself a "good boy". Like when I told him I'm not going to give him snacks because he had misbehaved, he looked at me with his innocent eyes and said, "Kenan good boy!" and hoped that I'll change my mind. I immediately burst out laughing. And these days, he used that on us quite a bit! Anyway, it's getting more fun now and I'm looking forward to when I can have a proper conversation with him!

Meanwhile, the boy is still as keen about helping with the house chores as ever. He thinks it's really fun and feels proud that he can accomplish some of the tasks he sees us adults doing. I happily let him do it, because I think it helps to build his motor skills and confidence.

Kenan enjoys cleaning the house (and he will say "Kenan wipe" or "Kenan mop" and sometimes snatches the cloth or broom or mop from us) and the vaccum cleaner is his new 'toy'.

Inevitably though, he often ends up making us more busy...

(he thinks that pole is a toy.. hm...)

While he can be naughty and tests my limits more often now (he's at the so-call terrible twos stage), I'm still thankful for the joy he brings us! God is good!

Today I'm linking up again with Mama J from Mum in the Making on her weekly Grateful Gatherings link up.

Come join us and share what you're thankful for this week!


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