Monday, March 7, 2011

Arla Kids Cheese Sticks

A short while back, I was sharing with a mommy friend that Kenan loves cheese and she said she was hesitant about giving cheese to her child as she was concerned it might be too salty. I mentioned to her about the kids' cheese that I give Kenan, which was recommended by a good friend.

I tried it when I first bought the cheese and found that it wasn't very salty and also tasted more 'milky' than normal 'adult' cheese. I promised to post some pictures of it in this blog, so finally here they are:

I bought this from NTUC for $5.45 a box

Each box contains six sticks of cheese

The box doesn't state the recommended age of consumption; I started giving Kenan these cheese sticks when he was about nine or 10 months and he really enjoys them. I give them as snacks and sometimes use it in my cooking as well.

So if you're considering giving your little ones cheese, this might be a brand to you want to check out.


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