Saturday, October 15, 2011 - Personalised Gifts for Children! (a sponsored post)

I always remember the first time I received a personalised gift. It was a pen with my name engraved on it and I thought how very special it was.

So when I was introduced to, an online shop with personalised gifts for children, I got really excited.

Introducing the website

Once you enter the site, you will be prompted to enter your child’s name.

As soon as you type in the name, you will be directed to the products page, where your child’s name will appear on all the items. This will help you visualise how the final product will look like.

The site currently offers 350 products in 13 categories such as story books, calendars, activity books (under ‘Fun and Learning), growth charts and many more. 

I found the prices reasonable – it ranges from S$8 for bookmarks to S$40 for story books. There’s even a ‘Free Products’ category where you can print out sheets of pictures for colouring or simple games like a maze or joining the dots.

I also like the Chore Chart, which I think is one cool way to motivate a child to help out with the house chores. The product description states that the chart can be cleaned and rewritten. By the way, the Chore Chart is one of the products that allow you further customisation by inserting your own photo:

The other products which have this feature are the puzzles, notebooks and place mats.
Anyway, the products are so cute that it took me a long time to decide what to get.



Activity books under 'Fun and Learning'


After placing the order, I received a confirmation email. According to the invoice, the delivery will take 5 days. Delivery is free for orders of over S$60 and it takes an average of 3 to 5 days to deliver.

By the way, Christmas is just round the corner. If you are wondering what to buy for the little ones, personalised gifts will certainly be a good idea. And if you can't decide what products to choose, you can always get a Gift Card and let the one you are giving it to pick what they like. The gift cards, which will be sent via email, range from S$25 to S$200.

Well, I’m really excited to see how the actual products look like. Are you curious what I bought? I'll post the picture once I get the items, so stay tuned!


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