Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pantry at the Stables

I’ve fallen in love with the Riders Café after my first visit there a few months ago.  I have to say I’m drawn not so much by the food as by its quaint location and lush green surroundings, which makes for a great getaway from the city.

So when I read that Marmalade Pantry has opened up a new outlet there, it gives a great reason to visit the place again.

On a slope just a little further from Riders Café is Pantry at the Stables. It's housed in the same building that was previously Mimolette. The good thing is Marmalade offers a different vibe from its neighbour, so you can choose from either of the restaurants, depending on your mood. 

The white walls and chairs accompanied by ceiling fans lend a Mediterranean feel to the al fresco area. Take a closer look and you'll also see a row of wooden beach chairs on the far right.

The indoor area (air-conditioned) exudes an urban chic ambience with warm, cozy lightings and wooden furniture in natural colours.

Our table by the window; I love the cheery yellow flower.

We were there on a Sunday morning for brunch. Given the popularity of Riders Café, I decided to make a reservation the day before, just in case the place is equally crowded and I don't like to wait.

When we got there, the restaurant was relatively quiet. But by the time we left, it was about 80% occupied, with most of them taking up the outdoor seats. Many of the guests were expats, perhaps they had popped by after an event at the Saddle Club (parking was really bad that day as cars clogged up the whole place).

Top: tomato soup with cheese toasties (from children's menu). Bottom: Eggs of Any Style (I opted for scrambled egg) - comes with sausages, baked beans, baked tomato, sauteed mushroom and bread.

Desserts is a must at Marmalade; I like their red velvet cupcake.

Overall, we found the food quite tasty, but not something to rave about. Service wise, we were a little disappointed. It took three tries (with three different wait staff) before they finally understood that we just wanted tap ice water. I choose not to think that it was because we didn't order sparkling or still water that they pretended not to understand our request (I'm not a water sommelier and don't see the point of paying so much for water - I'd rather spend it on coffee or some other drinks).

We might come back another day, perhaps during the evening, as I'm really curious how the whole place will be like when the sun sets and darkness descends. I also read that Marmalade is planning to set up a children's play area, so that's another reason to be back.

Pantry at the Stables
55 Fairways Drive
Tel: 6467 9328

Opening Hours:
Tues to Fri: 3pm to 11pm 
Sat & Sun: 10am to 11pm 
Closed on Mondays


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