Friday, April 30, 2010

My Writings - Part 2 (Lifestyle, Beauty, Parenting, Health, Personality Profiles, Property)

“Rising Above All”, Singapore Women’s Weekly, July 2008
“Pure Pleasure” (holiday story – Pangkor Laut), Singapore Women’s Weekly, July 2007
“A Balancing Act”, Healthy Times, April/May 2007
“Navigate the Dating Minefield”, Healthy Times, April/May 2007
“Your Home, Your Well-Being”, Healthy Times, February/March 2007

“When the Cradle is Empty”, Healthy Times, Aug/Sep 2007
“When Cancer Strikes Young”, Healthy Times, June/July 2007
“Out, Festive Bulge!” Healthy Times, December/January 2007

“Hair Rehab”, Healthy Times, Aug/Sep 2007
“Quick Fixes”, (express beauty services), Healthy Times, June/July 2007

“Choosing a Secondary School for your Child - A Mom Shares What Matters”, Schoolbag, Nov 2009
“Parents, "Don”t Stress" the First Day of School!”, Schoolbag, Dec 2008
“What can enrichment classes do for your child?” Singapore Women”s Weekly, Jul 2008
“Making a Successful Transition to Primary 1 (Part 1)”, Schoolbag, Feb 2008
“Making a Successful Transition to Primary 1 (Part 2)”, Schoolbag, Feb 2008
“Preparing and Supporting Your Child in Primary School”, Schoolbag, Oct 2007
“Choosing the Right Primary School”, Schoolbag,Oct 2007
“Choosing the Right Secondary School”, Schoolbag, Oct 2007

Personality profiles
“Passing the Passion On” (interview with Ms Lida Pet-Soede, Leader of WWF Coral Triangle Network Initiative), Nautique 2009
“The “Kee” to Success”, AlumNUS, Jan 2008 (interview with Jocelyn Kee, managing director of company Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff)
“Dr Jeffrey Wang Soars on High Standards of NUS”, AlumNUS, Jan 2008
“Advocating the Practice of Giving Freely”, AlumNUS, Jan 2008
“Serving Alma Mater through Boston Connection”, AlumNUS, Jan 2008
“In Her Own League” (interview with celebrity Jamie Yeo), Healthy Times, April/May 2007

Property (below articles are written for
“Guide to Owning Your First Home”
“Home Hot Spots”
“HDB upgraders – a crash course in getting the best deal”
“The Grand Dames of Singapore Condominiums”
“New En Bloc Ruling – What It Means for the Property Market”


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