Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Writings - Part 1 (Career and Scholarship)

Being a freelance writer is one of the best things that has happened in my life.

I enjoy expressing myself and sharing my thoughts through the written word (and more than with the spoken). Also, writing puts me in touch with an array of topics which I would otherwise remain ignorant of. Writing also allows me to meet many interesting people, some of whom have become my friends, while others have inspired me and made a significant impact in my life. And of course, I get a high from seeing my byline.

Wonder what I’ve written so far? I've compiled a list of published works and they are grouped into the following categories:

Career and Scholarship
Personality Profile
Eco Lifestyle

As there are too many articles, so I've put them into several postings, beginning with the 'Career and Scholarship' pieces below. Feel free to look around and hope you enjoy reading them.

Career and Scholarships
"Set Sail for the Career of a Lifetime", Diploma Edition 2010
"MAP Your Career as a Leader", Degree Edition 2010
"A Vital Career Move", Degree Edition 2010
"At the Forefront of Water Technologies", Degree Edition 2010
“Grooming Leaders for National Defence”, BrightSparks, Feb 2010
“Mission MHA: Keeping Singapore Safe and Secure”, Career Central Degree Edition 2009
“Soar to Greater Heights with RSAF”, BrightSparks, Jul 2009
“DSTA: Growing a Glowing Career in Defence Technology”, BrightSparks, Jul 2009
“HDB: In the Business of Building Our Heartlands”, BrightSparks, Jul 2009
“Tackling that Scholarship Interview”, BrightSparks 2008
“Strategic Partners in Healthcare”, BrightSparks, 2008
“APMI Kaplan - Taking the Next Step”, Career Central ITE Edition 2008
“RP - Developing Staff Potential and Promoting Work-life Balance”, Career Central Degree Edition 2008
“GSK Biologicals: Upbeat about Vaccines”, Career Central Diploma Edition 2008
“NTUC - For a Rewarding Career”, Career Central Diploma Edition 2008
"At Technology's Frontier", Jobs Central Career Fair Event Guide, published by Jobsfactory October 2007
“If at first you don”t succeed, try again”, Career Central, 2007
“Designing a Bright Future”, CareerCentral, 2007
“At Technology”s Frontier”, Career Central, Jobs Central Career Fair Event Guide 2007
“How to Prepare for a Job Interview”, Career Central, Vol 5, 2007
“The Lady Boss”, Career Central, Vol. 3, 2007
“It”s a Big World Out There”, Career Central, Vol. 2, 2007
“Tapping the Hidden Job Market”, Career Central, Vol. 1, 2007
“Boost your Employablility”, Career Central, Nov 2006
“Job Search Strategies”, Career Central, October 2006
“If You Could Start Over Your Career, What Would You Do?”, Career Central, October 2006
“Starting Your Own Business: Do You Have What It Takes?”, Career Central, September 2006
“Hottest Asian Cities to Work In”, Career Central, September 2006
"How to Write a Good Resume and Ace that Interview”, Career Central, August 2006


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