Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting a Much Needed Break

The past few weeks have been real CRAZY. Was rushing several deadlines at the same time when Kenan started having a serious bout of constipation. That made him cranky and irritable. Because he was feeling uncomfortable, he wanted even more attention than ever before and refused to be left alone for long, not even when he was playing in the exersaucer, which I would leave in front of me when I work.

Then when he got better, I started having fever. Not only did it persist for over two days even though I was diligently popping panadol, the temperature actually went higher and passed 39 degree celsius on several occasions. Besides that, my throat was painful and there was even traces of blood in the phlegm I coughed out. That's when I decided to see the doctor and was told my tonsils were inflammed. "There's even pus on the left side," the doctor reported. She prescribed antibiotics and advised, "Finish the full course, if not, the inflammation will flare up again."

But I'm glad that I'm finally well and the bulk of my projects are completed. I'm also cutting down on the number of projects I take up so as to focus more time and energy on Kenan.

As I slowed my pace, it suddenly hit me how much my seven-and-a-half-month-old boy has grown.

Kenan now has four teeth, with the fifth one erupting. He makes a lot more different sounds now and shrieks in excitement or delight. When he wants to be carried or when we indicate to him that we are going to carry him up (saying "up up" or "抱抱"), he lifts both his hands.

And not so long ago, I was complaining that he couldn't roll around. But now, he is rolling so much that I wish he will stay still a bit more. Changing diapers has become a challenge and I can't imagine what happens when he starts crawling! When we change his clothes, he knows how to stretch his hands when we pull them through the sleeve holes.

Personality wise, he is beginning to exert his preferences, especially with food. When he enjoys something, he would sit still for us to feed him. If we feed him too slowly, he will complain by making lots of noise. Then when he finishes it, he will literally cry for more. If it's something he dislikes, depending on his mood, he may take a few mouths to please you, then turns his head away and refuses to eat anymore. On bad days, he will purse his lips tight and may even start crying if we try to get him to take more.

So I'm glad to have made the decision to take a break and put Kenan as my priority.

But meanwhile, I also wanted this break to catch up with things I enjoy doing, such as reading and updating this blog. However, I got a real treat when I decided to attend the Think Big! Entrepreneur Convention 2010 organised by Mediacorp and sponsored by Canon. Not only did I get the chance to network, I went away totally inspired by the five speakers who shared their entrepreneurial journeys. I hope someday, I'll have my own success story to share too!


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