Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Are 'Model' Family!

We are on the cover of Ikea's catalogue!

Have we become models for the popular Swedish furniture company? Unfortunately, that's not the case, even though I think we look good enough... haha!  It happened that Ikea was offering free cover shoot, so I jumped at the chance to have our first family portrait taken.

Our photo session was scheduled on Sunday (12 Sep) at 3pm but we arrived a bit late. I was afraid that there might be many people and we may have to end up waiting a long while. Turned out there wasn't anyone before us and everything happened real fast - in about 10 minutes, it was all done and over. I think the team did a great job at scheduling.

During the shoot, a number of the staff, including the photographer, tried real hard to make Kenan smile and I found it quite amusing. Passersby also stopped and watched as the photo was being taken. Perhaps they found Kenan cute?

An hour late, we returned and got our copy of the personalised Ikea catalogue with our photo on the cover. I'll keep this and give it to Kenan when he is older. Thank you, Ikea, for this special gift, you've made our day!

And of course, I must also thank the forum mommy who informed us about the photo shoot! (if you're reading this, a big "thank you" to you!)


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