Monday, October 4, 2010

First Real Swim

Three weeks ago, Kenan had his first dip in the baby pool below our apartment. We hadn't got his swim suit then, so he just had on him a swimming diaper, neck float and off he went!

However, the moment daddy put him inside the pool, he started crying. We were not sure if it was because the water was too cold for him or he was simply afraid. So ended up we just let him play with water and he really enjoyed himself.

After that, we decided to get him a swim suit and found a cute one at Kiddy Palace; we paid about $46 for it.

Kenan in his very first swim suit!

Even then, Kenan cried again during his second swim - so maybe it wasn't about the water's temperature after all. Thankfully, daddy managed to calm him down quickly and help him get used to bouyancy of the water.

About 15 minutes later, the little boy finally seemed more relaxed in the water, but he didn't appear too thrilled about swimming. But we do hope he will grow to enjoy the sport. After all, it is one of the best forms of exercise available - it's low impact and works the whole body.

Coincidentally, when I was listening to radio 938Live last week, I heard an interview with a pediatrician and a former national swimmer about the benefits of swimming for babies and children. The PD mentioned that it is more advisable for babies to start going to a public pool only after they have done their major immunisations, which is by the time they are six months old. She also said that swimming is good for children with asthma (and I thought it was the opposite - I've learnt something new).

I'm looking forward to Kenan's next swim session. Meanwhile, here's sharing with you some benefits of baby swimming:
  • Enables baby to acquire a wide range of movements and physical abilities which helps promote development of higher functions of the brain
  • Improves core muscle development and coordination
  • Baby gains sense of confidence as he develops greater psychomotor skills
  • Strengthen baby's heart, lungs and respiratory system
  • Helps baby to relax, which in turn contributes to improving the appetite and sleeping patterns
  • Provides social stimulation; a good way of bonding between parents and child
  • Also provides verbal stimulus when parents or instructor teaches baby how to swim - aids their understanding and language developments
  • And one more benefit for mommies - it's a great way of getting away from the daily humdrums and be with other mommies!
Wanna come and join Kenan in his next swim?

"Daddy, I can be on my own!"
Kenan finally relaxes in the water


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