Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Hubby and I got married on 10 October. This year's wedding anniversary is a special one for us as we now have Kenan. To celebrate, we decided on a staycation at the Pan Pacific Hotel. We would love to go on a short trip overseas, but with my husband's heavy work commitments, it's a bit difficult for us to make any travel plans for now. And we are content to celebrate our special day in this simple way, as the joy Kenan brings us more than make up for not being able to go overseas.

Here are some photos of our staycation weekend.

Kenan was all smiles on the way to the hotel, seems as if he knows he's going for a staycation

Kenan playing happily with his 'gift' - Pigeon's baby toiletry travel set

Somehow, we hardly take photos as a family. Time for more!

Heading off for dinner; Kenan's mood remains high even though
he hardly napped the whole afternoon! 

Glorious sunset!


capricon said...

Happy Weddding Anniversary. Great to spend time together as a family.

Ruth Wong said...

Thanks! Yes, it means alot for us to be able to spend time to have fun and bond as a family :)


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