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My Writings - Part 4 (Education)

Education (unless otherwise stated, all below articles are published in

"Navigating the New Primary School Landscape", Dec 2010
"Students of Arabic Discover a Language of Rich Roots and Rewards", Nov 2010
"Nurturing Bi-Cultural Talents the BiCEP Way", Oct 2010
"Gone Camping at Underwater World", Sep 2010
"Helping Pupils to Ace Life", Sep 2010
"Developing Thinking Skills with a 3-D Virtual ArtGallery", Jul 2010
"Students Celebrate Friendship through Art", Jul 2010
“Murals With a Mission”, Dec 2009
“Chinese Language Comes to Life with Intercultural Exchanges”, Nov 2009
“Speaking with Confidence and Flair through Chinese Performing Arts”, Oct 2009
“Budding Authors Give New Twists to Fairy Tales”, Sep 2009
“Father”s "CCA"”, Sep 2009
“Rock Climbers Get Tough”, Aug 2009
“Everybody Learns the Ropes at Hong Wen School”, Jun 2009
“Getting High on English Literacy”, Jun 2009
“Getting e-Animated about YOG”, May 2009
“Helping Late Bloomers Fulfil their Potential”, May 2009
“Science Innovations That Make Life a Little Easier”, May 2009
“To India and Back Again (Part 1)”, Apr 2009
“To India and Back Again (Part 2)”, Apr 2009
“PLAY Time at Greendale Primary School”, Mar 2009
“Dancing Their Way into Their Choice School”, Mar 2009
“Helping Special Students Integrate Better into Society”, Feb 2009
“A New Love for Teaching through Special Education”, Feb 2009
“A Special Passion for Special Pupils”, Jan 2009
“Rising to a Tall Challenge”, Dec 2008
“Baking Classes to Help a “Friend in Knead”, Dec 2008
“Pupils and Parents Share A Robotics Challenge”, Nov 2008
“Bits and Bytes - An Education Portal Built with Passion”, Nov 2008
“Schoolbag,Thank You Teachers, Says PSG”, Oct 2008
“When School Becomes a Second Home”, Sep 2008
“Outdoor Ideas for Indoor Lessons”, Aug 2008
“An Explosion of Ideas at ExCEL Fest (Part 1)”, Jul 2008
"An Explosion of Ideas at ExCEL Fest (Part 2)”, Jul 2008
“Lessons in Resilience”, Jul 2008
“A Sneak Peek at ExCEL Fest”, Jun 2008
“Parent Support - from across the World”, Jun 2008
““Seeing” What Students Think”, May 2008
“Apathetic? Not us!”, May 2008
“Making Their Mark in Foreign Lands”, Apr 2008
“Adding a Foreign Flavour to Singapore Schools (part 1)”, Apr 2008
“Adding a Foreign Flavour to Singapore Schools (part 2)”, Apr 2008
“Bridging the Gap to a New Life in Singapore”, Apr 2008
“Igniting the Love of Science”, Mar 2008
“Holistic Teaching through PoETEL”, Mar 2008
“Systems Thinking” in the Classroom”, Jan 2008
“Primary Assurance for New Pupils from Parent Volunteers”, Jan 2008
“Being Prepared to Tackle Threats”, Jan 2008
“Northern Exposure in Teaching with Technology”, Dec 2007
“What’s Cooking? New Courses and Changed Lives!”, Dec 2007
“School-Within-School for Dynamic Learning”, Dec 2007
“OYEA 2007: Inspiring by Example”, Nov 2007
“OYEA 2007: Lessons about Life, through Sports”, Nov 2007
“OYEA 2007: The Influence A Teacher Can Have”, Nov 2007
“CCA Choices – A Parent’s Perspective”, Nov 2007
“Problem-solving in Jurong Lake Park”, Oct 2007
More than Just a Taste of Racial Harmony”, Oct 2007
“AEPtitude - A Spectacular Display of Aptitude”, Sep 2007
“National Education - From Didactic to Engaging”, Sep 2007
““HoM” for Better Reading and Writing”, Aug 2007
“Sec 1 Posting Exercise - The Electronic Way”, Aug 2007
“Empowering Students the Robotics Way”, July 2007
“Interactive Teaching and Engaging Learning with IDM”, July 2007
“A Long Running Tradition of Excellence”, July 2007


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