Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Shit!

Are you wondering what's egg yoke doing inside the Bumbo seat?

Well, that's no egg yoke. It's actually Kenan's poo. Yes, his poo leaked from the diapers again, and I didn't even know it until I carried him out of the Bumbo and felt the side of my t-shirt and shorts turning wet!

After this latest misadventure, my suspicion has been confirmed - the cause of the leakage is with the diapers. For the whole of last week, Kenan was wearing another brand of diapers and I didn't encounter any staining of the side guards, not to mention a leakage. The brand that we prefer probably has a poor fitting (the design doesn't offer sufficient coverage, or is my boy's bum bigger than the average baby's?!?). So looks like we have to switch brands, and hopefully, bring an end to my 'nightmares'.


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