Monday, June 7, 2010

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Sophie is finally here!

Over the weekend, we collected the adorable giraffe teether for Kenan. I've ordered it through a forum spree and had been eagerly awaiting its arrival. I bought Kenan the teether not so much that he is teething now but more as a toy in the hope that he will stop putting his hands into his mouth!

About Sophie

Born in 1961, Sophie the giraffe is a teether "handmade in the French Alps using natural rubber from the Hevea Tree and decorated using non-toxic food quality paint". More importantly, Sophie is BPA, PVC and Phathalates-free so mommies can be assured about baby's health when chewing on this teether.

Sophie is lightweight and its shape and size is designed to fit snugly in babies' small hands. It delights babies with a small squeak when squeezed.

Kenan and Sophie

Kenan took a little while to warm up to his new 'friend'. Initially, he didn't know how to put it into his mouth and was frustrated. He also needed time to explore the most 'chewable' parts. For a moment, I was worried that Kenan will not like Sophie, as after all, this is no cheap teether (retailing at SGD39.00). But when he got the hang of it, he just gnawed away!

Look, this is my new 'toy' Sophie. Actually, it's a teether; mommy
got me this as she can't stand me sucking my hands all the time! Hahaha...

So anyway, I'll give Sophie a try, but no guarantee that I'll like it

Hm... the legs look interesting

Oh yes, it's nice to chew on!

But mommy, is Sophie the only thing I can put into my mouth?

Think I have enough of Sophie for now.
What shall I chew on next? Hm...

I'm glad Kenan has taken a liking to Sophie. So far, he enjoys munching on the giraffe and delights in hearing its squeak. However, it doesn't hold his attention as long as I would like. But then again, Sophie is designed to be a teether and not so much a toy. I just hope it will really be able to sooth Kenan's discomfort when his first tooth starts pushing through the gum. I shall review it again when the time comes!


Daoyang said...

Hi Ruth,

Thank you for your review of Sophie the Giraffe. We're happy that Kenan enjoys chewing Sophie. Has he started teething yet?


Ruth Wong said...

Hi Daoyang,

Kenan hasn't started teething yet, or that's what I think. I'm looking forward to seeing how he takes to it as a teether. Will blog about it then :)

Janie {Hoo} said...

Don't you just love, Sophie? We got ours from amazon though. My tot is already 18 months and she still chews Sophie. She's now Sophie the spotless giraffe!
I am backreading your posts.

Ruth said...

Yes, yes, Kenan's Sophie is now spotless too! This thrifty mom was still hoping maybe can keep it for No.2, but probably have to get a new one by then!


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