Monday, August 2, 2010

Mothercare Car Seat

Have you ever had the experience of shopping for something for months but nothing seems to fit the bill, then just when you were about to give up, it appears right before your eyes? That surmises our experience in getting a car seat for Kenan. We have been hunting for a car seat for many months, but it's either too expensive, too bulky or it just wasn't asthetically pleasing enough.

Then yesterday, we happened to pop into Mothercare @ Harbourfront as we saw that it was having a sale, and we found the perfect car seat! We had been there a couple of times but somehow we never noticed this particular car seat. But it doesn't matter, we're pleased to have found it, and at what we thought was a good bargain. More importantly, Kenan seems to like his 'throne' very much.

More information about the car seat:

Brand:  Mothercare

Model: Seville

Colours: two options, one is what you see above, another is an all pink one

Functions: For birth to about 4 years. Combination of rear and forward-facing, with four reclining positions for forward-facing. Cover is removable and washable. Comes with newborn padded cushion.

Price: $280 (we got it at15% off during the sale, which has ended last Sunday)

What we like: Reasonably priced, nice design, not too bulky, easy to install (can also take a look at the pink car seat here).

Now when I need to stay home and work during the weekends, my hubby can bring Kenan out alone!


Ally said...

Hi Ruth, chanced upon your blog. I'm also interested in Seville. Was gonna buy combi coccoro but I'm having twins and it's loads more pricey. Then I saw the Seville Pink which is so pretty and also discovered it fits newborns and up to 4yrs, does rear and forward facing.

Could you share with me how you install it and whether your son has used it in rear facing mode? I haven't given birth yet so am preparing. Also, you think i can fit two in the bckseat of a Toyota vios??

Feel free to email me! Soon I hope cos I wanna grab the mothercare Amex discount. :


Ruth Wong said...

Hi Ally, sorry for late reply. Did you end up buying the Seville car seat? When I purchased the car seat, my boy was already big enough to use it in the front-facing position, so I can't comment on the usage in rear-facing position.

The staff from Mothercare showed us how to install it and my husband could do it quite easily after that. I purchased the car seat from Mothercare Harbourfront - we were thinking if we can't fix the car seat, we can get the staff to come to the carpark - so maybe it's something you can consider ;)
Given that it isn't too bulky, think there's no problem fixing two in the back of a Toyota Vios.

Btw, if you have missed the Mothercare promotion and still wanna get the Seville car seat, drop me an email coz I think I have a Mothercare discount coupon somewhere.


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