Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ma Maison Restaurant - A Place for the Family

Eating out has become a challenge ever since Kenan came along, so we are always on the hunt for family-friendly restaurants.  Last Saturday, we dined at Ma Maison (Bugis Junction) for the first time and were pleasantly surprised by how family-friendly it is.

We had to queue for about 15 minutes before a table was available. Inside the softly lit restaurant, its dark coloured furniture and quaint, eclectic mix of decoratives exuded a cozy and homely atmosphere (think 'country cottage' decor) that makes one feels immediately welcomed.

When we were shown to our table, a baby highchair was already prepared for us and the waitress promptly asked us if the location of the chair was alright or would we want to change to another spot.
Shortly after we settled down, another waitress came with a big straw basket. She explained that there’s a family promotion now - children below 10 years old get a free toy - and asked me to choose one for Kenan. That’s not all, dads will get a free glass of beer while moms get a free scoop of ice cream.

Kenan was immediately attracted to the toy (pic above) and I felt both glad and relieved – I had forgotten (again!) to bring his toys/books, so at least there’s something to entertain him while we decide on what to eat.

Ma Maison offers Japanese-style western food. Since I have no special craving or preference, I asked my hubby to order. He picked escargot baked in butter and garlic sauce for starter, paella (stated it’s for two persons) for main course and white chocolate strawberry tart for dessert.

The escargot was served flambe'd and tasted nice but nothing extraordinary.

The paella, which is seafood rice, was moist and fragrant and came with quite a generous amount of mussels, scallops, clams and prawns. However, I found that it tasted a bit ‘fishy’ but my husband enjoyed it. Big eaters beware though, the portion was actually quite small, despite the menu stating that it’s for two persons.

The strawberry tart came as a no surprise. It wasn’t too sweet, so that’s good.

When we asked for the bill, the waitress handed us a metal hotel key to ‘check out’ at the cashier. Trust the Japanese to come up with interesting ideas as this!

My verdict: While the food wasn’t spectacular, it’s value for money, the service was almost impeccable (e.g. the waitress went around diligently to refill water for diners and the staff were generally attentive and prompt) and the family promotion does offer another reason to return. The freebies aren’t something fanciful or expensive but it’s the thought behind it (the fact that they appreciate families dining at their establishment) that makes me consider returning. Maybe we’ll try the outlet at The Central next.

By the way, Monday nights are ladies’ nights, so ladies will get 20% discount off a la carte items.

It's really not easy to take a photo with Kenan these days!

Ma Maison
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6338 4819


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