Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheap, Environmentally-Friendly Way to Remove Odour from the Fridge

Do you know that there's one item in all households that can be transformed into an instant fridge odour remover?

It's none other than the humble toilet roll!

I learnt about this from the Japanese programme 26 Hours/Day and found the perfect opportunity to put it to the test.

It happened that my husband recently bought some durian and we put them in the fridge as we love to eat durian cold. That left a stench in the fridge and I decided to try out the method introduced in the TV show.

But I forgot about it the next day as I don't really open the fridge these days since the helper is doing the cooking. On the second day, I remembered the 'toilet roll test' and went to check out the fridge and viola! There was not the slightest tinge of durian smell!

The programme host explained that the toilet roll is porous so it can absorb odour in the air.
But I wanted to find out more and went googling. While I didn't find anything more to explain the science behind the method, yet in one home reno forum, someone mentioned that you can put a toilet roll in a shoe cabinet and it can help remove the odour.

Well, I will probably give this a try another time and if I do, I'll post about the outcome.

By the way, another good thing about using the toilet roll as fridge odour remover is that if you spill something accidentally, you can quickly tear a few pieces of paper and wipe it clean.

Alternative: Baking Soda

Besides toilet roll, another common household item that can help eliminate bad smell from the fridge is baking soda. Just place some baking soda in an open container and leave inside the fridge and freezer to absorb food odours. Stir and turn over the baking soda from time to time, and replace once every two months.

So who says we need to buy special deodorants when there are cheap and environmentally-friendly alternatives that work equally well, if not better!


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