Friday, July 22, 2011

A Charming Little Cafe

Been a litte quiet on this blog as I'm busy decluttering my home. It's something I was supposed to do even before Kenan was born. But he came three weeks early and then there was no time at all, except until now.

But however busy I am, there's one place we've discovered that I would love to share with you - the Riders Cafe. I first read about it from mommy Corsage's blog and decided it's a place we have to visit.

So there we were last weekend.

At Corsage's advice, I called up (about two weeks in advance) to make a reservation. It was a good thing I did that. The place was full when we arrived and it appeared that walk-in customers would have to wait quite a while for a table.

Since we were early, instead of waiting inside the cafe, we decided to walk around. To our delight, soon discovered what a gem of a place it was!

The Saddle Club is tucked away in a quiet spot of Singapore, making it a great place to escape to from the hustle and bustle of a hectic city life. With lush greenery, rolling hilltops, and horses trotting about, it felt as if we were in another land - Australia perhaps.
A barren tree that stands atop the hill - looking both lonesome and poetic.
Kenan and mommy enjoying a stroll.
Kenan playing with twigs he found on the ground.
Daddy carrying Kenan down the hill - heading back to the cafe for lunch

The Riders Cafe is housed in a quaint little standalone building - with no air-conditioning, so you'll enjoy the air au naturel.
The cafe looks chic with its black and white interiors, while numerous ceiling fans twirling around lazily lends a laidback vibe to the place.
Menu is a simple piece of paper; coaster has a drawing of a horseshoe which I found really cute.

We were shown to a table by the window that overlooked the open air car park (by the way, it's free parking). After placing our order, the hubby kept himself occupied with the newspapers while I joined Kenan in some drawing activity (I brought along some crayons, papers and magic board). We waited for quite a while before our food arrived.

Seared scallop and saffron risotto - the hubby's lunch. The scallop a tad too salty but the risotto was really nice.
My order: prune glazed porkloin with petit vegetables and pumpkin puree. This was not from the regular menu but from their 'blackboard specials' (see the blackboard in the interior pic above). While the porkloin was soft, the texture was chalky and I didn't like it.
Chocolate cake served with a scope of ice cream - the cake was drenched in a thick velvety coat of fudge. Rich and decadent, it was sinfully good.

Overall, we enjoyed the place for its rustic setting. But food wise, we found it pretty forgettable and a bit pricey (our meal came up to about $70). But we will probably come again for breakfast. Then Kenan can spend more time roaming the hills and enjoying the great outdoors.

By the way, pony rides are available for kids. We hope to let Kenan try that when he's older.

Riders Cafe
51 Fairways Drive, Bukit Timah Saddle Club
Tel: 6466 9819


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