Friday, January 13, 2012

Problem Adjusting to School? It's Not the Child!

It's been two weeks since my boy started going school. The first week went by peacefully. Given that the principal had 'pre-warned' us that some kids only start crying and act clingy in the second week, I was bracing myself for any sudden change of behaviour, such as morning tantrums or refusing to go school. But the second week of school came and is over now and nothing has changed. Sure, sometimes my boy would wake up cranky as he slept a bit later the night before and wanted more sleep. Other than that, it was all uneventful.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm totally proud of how well he's adjusted to school life and how he seems to be enjoying it all. Ironically, it's mommy here who's finding it harder to adjust to the new routines!

I no longer stay up until 2, 3am glued to my laptop. I wake up at least an hour earlier than before. I have to drive my boy to and fro school, something that I realised I don't enjoy doing (by the way, I didn't think the ferrying the kid would start so early; thought maybe not until primary school. I was wrong again).

And while I appreciate the peace and quiet at home, I'm missing his mischievous/cute acts, his trying to stop me from working and even his tantrums (on second thought, perhaps not the tantrums). Basically, I'm just missing his presence at home. I come to the realisation that while I had been somewhat fretting over Kenan's preparedness for school, I've left myself out of the whole equation. I forgot that I need time to get use to the changes too!

I'm learning as well that we should never underestimate our child's ability to adapt to changes. Often, they are actually braver and stronger than we imagined. Kids, they never fail to amaze me.

By the way, his teacher has been updating us about Kenan's progress in school, usually via the communication book. However, last week, she emailed us a really lovely slideshow so we can see what our little boy's been up to in class. We were so impressed and appreciative of her efforts. Here are some of the photos we've downloaded from that slideshow:

(My boy found a new interest in making ugly faces at the camera... hm...)

How does your child's school update parents about the kid's progress? Do you know what's being taught every week/month? 


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