Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey Mom, I'm a Big Boy Now!

As we ushered in the new year, Kenan also began a new chapter - he's started going school!

Today is the third day of school and to all our surprise, he's been the coolest kid around! He didn't cry when daddy and mommy did a disappearing act on the first day (we left him with the teachers after about 45 mins), he didn't cry when mommy again sneaked out of the class the next day and today, the other kids took turns to cry.... all except him!

Well, he did almost cry yesterday when I was a bit late in fetching him. He saw the rest were leaving and he's about the last one around. When I walked in, he rushed over and hug me real tight. I saw his eyes were turning red but he fought back his tears. How brave!

So today, I went earlier as I wanted to make sure he's not the last to leave. But I've got another agenda - I wanted to be there during their lunch and see him eat. The teachers had been telling me that Kenan was able to feed himself with minimal help. How can that be? My boy's never really been able/interested to feed himself except for snacks. Has he grown up all of a sudden?

However when I arrived, they were already done with their porridge and were eating fruits. Argh.

So the doubts continued to linger in my mind. But not for long.

When Kenan had finished his fruit, he got up from his chair and walked away with his plate. I went after him, thinking that he's taken the plate to go play with it. Instead, he placed the plate inside a big basket together with other used utensils, and he did that without me or the teacher instructing him. I was utterly surprised. I supposed they must have taught the kids to do so, but remembering the instruction and taking the initiative to follow it is another thing altogether! Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and gave the boy a big hug. Perhaps he's really more independent and capable than we've thought! It's amazing just how much kids can learn in such a short time. By the way, he even started saying a few new words.

To think that just last week, we had been apprehensive and unsure of how he might cope. After all, we didn't really prepare him much. All we did was to keep telling him that he'll be going to school, which is a fun place where he will stay a few hours everyday to learn and play with new friends. Mommy will go home first and be back later to fetch him (when he first heard that mommy won't be staying around, he actually shaked his head to indicate that he does not want to be left alone in school). He didn't even go for the orientation as the school had a reported case of HFMD and we didn't want to risk it.

From tomorrow onwards, parents will not be allowed to stay in class. Let's see if he continues to be as brave as he's been these past few days *smiles*

Has your child just started school as well? How's he or she doing?


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