Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Taking Time to be Thankful

When you have a child, time seems to fly by more quickly than ever before. As you watch, amazed, at how fast your child grows, you wish you can press a pause button to make things stop, even if just for a moment.

That's the feeling I get when I realised January is already coming to a close and soon it's the start of another month.

However, I'm not complaining at all. If anything, I'm thankful for a great start to the new year and how this month has been a special one for us in so many ways. So it is apt that today I join Mama J from Mum in the Making in giving thanks to God for:

Two birthday parties that went well... ...

Having a clutter-free dining table (hope it stays this way!) which double up as my work desk (had to give up the study to be the helper's room)... ...

A grandma who dotes on the little boy and showers him with love... ... 

Kenan being a brave boy as he started school and hardly showing any separation anxiety... ... 

And finally getting my haircut. I love how light my head feels now! (would have cut shorter if not for the reason that Kenan cried and protested against me having short hair)

And what are you thankful for this week? Join us on this Grateful Gatherings link up and share with us what fills your heart with thanksgiving!


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