Monday, April 23, 2012

AquaBambinos Swim School - A Review and Free Trial Lessons

Among the many sports, swimming is one that we hope Kenan will be skilled in.

However, when it comes to being in the water, the best I can do is to keep myself afloat.

My hubby, on the other hand, is considered a good swimmer. So I've always thought he will be the one to teach our boy swimming - and I remembered how he used to talk about doing the father-son bonding thing through swimming together.

Many, many months later, let's just say that the spirit is willing but the flesh.

So after coming to terms with the fact the hubby is losing this battle against inertia, I did what most smart moms would do - outsource to the experts.

I think God agreed that it's a good idea too. Shortly after, I found a flyer in my letterbox from AquaBambinos about its open house. A quick visit to its website showed that they have classes for toddlers and after a phone call to the school, Kenan was on his way to his first ever swim lesson.

About AquaBambinos

AquaBambinos, located within the Burghley Lifestyle Hub, is an indoor swimming school. It's pool water is "heated to a comfortable temperature of 30 degrees celsius".

The swimming pool built on a deck

(copyrighted by AquaBambinos) Lots of toys to engage young swimmers

(copyrighted by AquaBambinos) There's even a slide by the pool

Classes are available for babies and children from ages 6 months to 7 year-old. Class ratio is kept to a maximum of 1:6 parent-child pairs per group for parent-accompanied classes and 1:5 for non-accompanied classes.

Facilities include bathrooms with hot water showers, lockers, changing tables, toilets and a waiting area where there are some colour pencils and papers available. There's also a playground within the Lifestyle Hub's compound but I didn't see it during our visit, shall go look for it the next time.

As the school has just opened in January this year, all its facilities are still new and well maintained.

Bathroom with hot water facility (left); lockers for parents (right)

Our experience

There were three other kids during the trial lesson. At first, Kenan simply refused to go into the pool. We almost gave up trying, until he caught sight of the balls in the water and decided that it would be fun to play with them and other toys.

I found the teacher very good - she could engage each child and showed lots of patience as well as enthusiasm. When I taught Kenan an action wrongly, she also patiently showed me how to to do it until I got it right.

Of course, I like the fact that it's an indoor swim school, so regardless of the unpredictable weather, the lessons will go on uninterrupted. No worries about make up classes or going there and then later having the class cancelled due to sudden rain.

What's most surprising was that I actually enjoyed the class!

To be honest, I'm so happy to bring my boy to a swim class that’s indoors, because this vain mommy is afraid of having more freckles on her face from direct sunlight exposure.

That aside, it's been fun learning together with my boy, especially seeing how quickly he learnt certain actions - it made me feel so proud of him! It's been equally rewarding to see how he's transformed from the boy who refused to go into the pool, to one who almost didn't want to get out of it.

I'm now looking at the class schedule and see if we can find a slot that best fit our timing.

Kenan doing a little doodling at the waiting area

Win free trial class.. for not one but TWO winners!

Here's how:
1. Like AquaBambinos' Facebook page
2. Like Mommy Cafe's Facebook page
3. Your child should be between 6 months to 7 year-old.
3. Leave a comment on Mommy Cafe Facebook page, OR here on this blog post*, telling us your child's age, and something about his/her swim experience (negative or positive) and why you hope to win this trial lesson.
4. The contest will end on 29 April 2012, Sunday at 11:59pm.
5. The winners will be randomly picked, results will be announced on Mommy Cafe's Facebook page and on this blog.

Join the contest now - TWO lucky winners will get a free trial lesson each with AquaBambinos! Do spread the word too!

*I'm adding this option after someone told me she rather comment here than on FB :) 


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