Sunday, April 15, 2012

Falling Back into Place

Drained is how I felt the past two weeks.

Mom had been to the A&E twice during that period of time, and on the second visit, she got admitted.

The daily ferrying of the boy to and fro school, the looming deadlines, and spending a few hours every day in the hospital, made me feel drained of energy and emotions. On some days, I wished I could just lie in bed and not wake up. But the fact that I'm mom makes having a full day's rest impossible - at least in my case, because Kenan is a "mommy's boy" who looks to me for almost everything.

So, I'm really thankful when the mom-in-law agreed to stay over a few days to help me look after Kenan and supervise the maid. At least I could then go to the hospital for a few hours everyday with peace of mind, knowing that my boy will be well taken care of.

I'm also grateful for the hubby who tried to cheer me up and surprised me with a box of my favourite cakes. By the way, the bakery is not within our neighbourhood, I'm touched that he went that extra mile for me.

I call this the 'rainbow cake' - the cheerful colours sure perked me up. But nothing beats the sweet gesture of the hubby that warmed my heart...

After a few days' stay in hospital, mom is now back at home and slowly recovering.

Life is falling back into the usual routine, and routine is something I find myself craving for more and more these days. I like how routine gives me a sense of surety - just like knowing that the sun will always shine after the rain, reminding me that God is always there with and for me, even though I may not feel His Presence all the time.

Through waves and clouds and storms
His power will clear your way; 
Wait for his time; the darkest night 
Shall end in brightest day. 
--Paul Gerhardt

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