Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baker & Cook - Simple Name, Great Food

Nestled in a cosy corner of the Greenwood enclave of restaurants is Baker & Cook, a relatively new artisan bakery cum café that has already garnered a following of sorts, judging by the crowd it draws on the Monday afternoon I was there.

Baker & Cook is set up by Dean Brettschneider, who is "regarded as one of the most respected bakers on the planet" and has over 25 years of experience under his belt. He has also authored 10 best-selling baking books and has his own TV shows.

With a celebrity baker as the owner and an maxim that says "passion is our main ingredient", you can bet they serve some really great food here

The Vibe: Warm, chic with a casual feel; a large communal table in the middle of the glass-paneled café adds to the friendly atmosphere here. The service staff are also full of smiles, which makes the place so much more welcoming. Outdoor seats are also available. No doubts the café is designed to be a great hangout place.

The Food: Cakes, muffins, tarts, breads, quiche, pizzas, sandwiches, pies (which come served with choice salad) - there's just so much to choose from.

Explaining about the fare they serve, Dean said, “Being a multi-cultural and multi-racial city, there is mix of nationalities here. That suits my type of baking which is not French, Danish nor German, but a mixture and great range of baking styles which will appeal to the sophisticated population in Singapore.”

And they make their own jams too (three flavours) - Apparently they are to be found at every table but I didn't notice it during my visit. What a pity! Maybe I was too engrossed in my conversations, shall keep a look out the next time I'm there.

Love the Bombolini donut (right bottom pic) - no guilt eating this as it isn't too sweet 

Anyway, I didn't eat much; but I tried their Bombolini donuts and I love it. You don't be deceived by its look though. While it's coated with sugar, it actually isn't too sweet. So is the custard found inside the donut -smooth, fragrant and with just the right amount of sweetness. The secret? They don't use sugar in their dough. I couldn't resist buying some home and my hubby who doesn't exactly fancy sweet bakes said it's good.

Drinks include coffees, teas, smoothies and cold drinks. I had the Vitamin Burst - has "lots of vitamin C from orange juice and a whole kiwi and plenty of anti-oxidants from blueberries". Very refreshing on a hot Monday afternoon, and don't we women need lots of vitamins for that healthy glow?

Family factor: They have highchairs here, so you can bring your little ones. More importantly, it makes for  a lovely place to hang out with other mommies or girl friends!

I'm kinda craving for another donut, maybe it's time to head to Baker & Cook again.

Baker & Cook
77 Hillcrest Road
Singapore 288951
Tel: 6469 8834

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday: 7am - 8pm
Friday - Saturday: 7am - 10pm


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