Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Zoo Trip

Last Saturday, we took Kenan to the zoo - it was his first trip to the world renowned tourist attraction. We thought he would enjoy it, as he seems to like animals a lot. He can recognise about 20 kinds of animals and insects, is able to mimic a pig snorting, horse galloping, frog jumping and lion roaring. He can also make the sound of a cat, chicken, mouse and elephant, and sign 'rabbit' as well. So we hoped he will be delighted to see the real animals.

We arrived at the zoo pass noon and had a quick meal at the Ah Meng Cafe near the entrance; we also fed Kenan his lunch.

Laksa from Ah Meng Cafe - refuelling before the many hours of walking

Then it was off to Kenan's animal adventure. Hubby decided to get the ticket that comes with unlimited boat and tram rides, which cost $27/adult. Yet in the end, we only took one boat ride and zilch tram ride.

Throughout the trip, he seemed to be intrigued by the animals he saw. He especially enjoyed himself at the Rainforest Kidzworld as some of his favourites animals were there  ie. the horse and rabbit. There was also the spacious, colourful water play area, which if given a chance, he would have happily explored the place (he's into playing with water now, so it's often a battle taking him out of the bathtub these days).

It rained during our trip, so there were some animals that we didn't get to see. We'll definitely be back again, but meanwhile, we'll probably be going to the Bird Park and some other places. By the way, I'm really looking forward to seeing the pandas, which Kenan likes too.

Kenan got to see more riding on daddy's shoulders - and it was a lot more fun too!

Gee.. how can I get Kenan to cooperate for a photo shoot?

A family photo - finally everyone's looking at the camera!

Waiting for the animal show to start - in the end, Kenan slept
and we didn't like the show either

Hubby and I on the boat ride - Kenan was sleeping throughout the trip

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