Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dinosaurs Have Come to Town!

Wondering what to do this weekend? Come join Rainbow Bear and his dinosaur friends for a day of music, songs, art and craft and more!

To celebrate the launch of 'Rainbow Bear's Dinosaur Discovery: An Adventure in Blends and Digraphs', Julia Gabriel Centre is hosting The Dinosaur Stomp on Saturday, 4 February from 10am to 5pm at Forum The Shopping Mall.

The Programme

The fun-filled family event comprises stage performances and floor activities.

Children  will get to enjoy a time of music and songs, lively performances by Rainbow Bear and friends, and the Dinosaur Stomp. They can also participate in art and craft activities, face painting, and bring home some nice goodie bags and wonderful prizes from Lucky Draws and a Dinosaur Egg Treasure Hunt (1-2pm). To register for the treasure hunt, please contact Julia Gabriel Centre at 6733 3422.

Guests can also look forward to a special book signing and photography session with Julia Gabriel and Rainbow Bear (12.30pm and 4.15pm).

About the Book

(book cover; image provided by Julia Gabriel Centre)

Rainbow Bear's Dinosaur Discovery is the latest addition to the series of children's books from Julia Gabriel Creations.

It features 24 dinosaur characters and through vibrant text, colourful illustrations and engaging songs, children will learn sounds like 'Ch', 'Th', 'Sh', 'Wh' and more.

For a peek inside the book set (which I received a set of):

I have not start reading the book with Kenan but thought I'll listen to the CD first. I found that it makes a great companion to the book. It not only repeats what's in the book (read in Standard English pronunciation), the addition of songs helps reinforces the learning in a fun and engaging way.

To find out more about the book, do go down to the Dinosaur Stomp this coming Saturday.

The book, CD and songbook set will be selling at 15% off its normal retail price ($29.95) at this one-day event. So don't miss this chance!


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