Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let's Play Doctor!

You might have read in a previous post that we don't really buy much toys for Kenan. Yet, my boy has two sets of doctor's kit. Simply because I couldn't resist buying the second set after seeing how fun it is:

* Stethoscope with heartbeat sound
* Otoscope and magnifier with light
* Syringe with spring loaded
* Medicine bottles with  caps that can be opened

Each item is functional in its own way, which is the total opposite of everything in the first set of doctor's kit we got for Kenan (thermometer can't 'read' temperature, bottle caps can't be opened, a stethoscope that not only didn't make any heartbeat sound, it kept saying "you're sick".. how irritating is that? In the end, I removed the battery). The best part is, it's just $9.90! 

The brand? My Family Doctor. I've seen them at various places, like at a Metro sale (pics on the left) where there were two sets with different combination of the items and came with a soft  bag, and also at Kiddy Palace (right pic); all at $9.90. 

The one Kenan has was bought from NTUC Xtra but it didn't come with any container (too bad I bought it a bit too early). The items that have light or sound are battery operated but are not changeable. Honestly, the battery didn't last long, but at just $9.90 a set, I thought it was worth it. 

Now, who wants to see a doctor?


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