Friday, August 27, 2010

Project Nursing Rooms - Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard is a huge mall and not wanting to go around hunting for the nursing room, I approached the concierge counter (B3) for help. I was told there are two baby rooms are available: one at Basement 3, opposite Starbucks, and the other at Basement 4, inside the food court.

Since I was at Basement 3, I naturally headed there first (located near the toilet) but was shocked when I stepped in. I saw two groups of people inside the baby room, one group was changing baby's diaper, the other was feeding a baby (using bottle of course). I guess I wasn't expecting to see two groups of people inside what I thought is a single nursing room - and it was cramped with so many people inside.

Anyway, I knew I won't be able to breastfeed there, so decided to try the other one just one floor down.

Luck was on my side, there wasn't anyone in the baby room. When we went in, I realised we could actually lock the room from the inside.

With its beige marble walls and warm lighting, the decor in this spacious room resonated a modern vibe. There is an orange plastic chair, a changing table (secured to the wall and foldeded away) and a Pigeon bottle and baby food warmer. However, I wish there's an extra chair so that fathers can sit while waiting for their wives to finish breastfeeding.

There's no hot water dispenser in this baby room.
You can see the changing table (white) from the reflection in the mirror.

The tiny Pigeon bottle and food warmer on the vanity top

You can lock the door of the baby room from the inside. But how can we tell if the lock is spoilt or not?
Can you imagine a mommy breastfeeding inside, thinking the lock is working when it's actually not? It will  cause a lot of embarrassment.


Cleanliness: 4/5
Amenities: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5

Update, 2 November 2010
I was at Ion Orchard on Sunday (two days ago) and used the baby room on the fourth level and noted that there's hot water dispenser and even a fan next to the armchair. There's also a power point above the armchair.


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