Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Weaning Journey Continues

It's almost a month since Kenan started taking semi-solids and it's interesting to see how he takes to some of them immediately while others he simply doesn't like. Isn't it amazing that a six-month old baby has already developed a sense of what he likes or dislikes eating?

Here's a list of what he has tried so far:

Prune (Gerber's)
Sweet potato

For things that he doesn't like, what I did was to add it to his cereals. So far, that seems to work and he would happily finish everything up. By the way, while I initially stuck to the three-day rule, in the end, if I don't see any negative reactions after a day, I would move on to a new food. I did ask Mrs Wong how strict do I have to be about adhering to the three-day rule and if I can introduce a new food if I don't see any allergic reactions after a day. She said it's alright. I figured if none of us in the family has any adverse reactions to a type of food, it should be quite alright for Kenan too.

Besides fruits and veggies, I've also let him tried baby yogurt (bought from Fairprice Xtra). The first time he ate it (pear flavour), he scrunched up his whole face and it was a really funny sight! Yesterday, I decided to let him eat yogurt again - vanilla flavour this time - and guess what, he's suddenly so fond of yogurt he almost finished the whole cup! But I stopped him, as he has already ate some papaya prior to that. But I wonder if it's because the vanilla flavoured yogurt is sweeter than the pear one (that's what I thought after trying them) so he was happy to eat it. Nevertheless, I'm glad that he is finally taking yogurt.

Kenan is taking Yoplait's Baby First Yogurt bought from Fairprice Xtra (6x70g).
This one comes with three flavours: pear, vanilla and peach

Though Kenan is progressing well, my hubby commented that our boy's diet is very 'western' - cereals and purees. So my next project is to get him started on porridge.

But honestly, I dread making porridge. It feels like a lot of work, especially the part about making stock to add flavour to it. I know it's just a matter of time that he starts eating porridge. I feel extremely guilty that I'm not doing more, yet looking at my current workload, I definitely won't be able to get to it any time soon... at least not this week. But if the daddy would like to be a bit more hands-on in the food department, I would gladly let him do it! And dreams do come true, ya? ;)

PS: Now that Kenan is taking semi solids, the days of eating left-overs have also started for me!


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