Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Swim and A First Tooth

Kenan finally experienced his first swim since his birth. He had his swim at Hwa Xia's Harbourfront outlet. We've passed by this shop many times and always enjoyed seeing the babies swim. So yesterday, after many months of 'contemplation', we decided to let him have a go at it. After all, they provide towel and swimming diapers. All I had to do was to give him a feed before the swim, as we were told that baby will get cranky if they swim on half empty stomach.

After getting warmed up by the staff and putting the neck float on, he was ready to go into the water. And boy, we were so surprised at how well he swam! I've 'complained' about Kenan's "sedentary lifestyle" - he doesn't roll around like his peers (he can do it though, but just refuses to); his favourite position is sitting, something that he can do pretty well after five months old. If we put him on his tummy, he would move in a circle, but that's about it. So we were really surprised that we have a 'water baby' - he moved his limbs vigorously in the water and almost caused water to splash out. He was obviously enjoying every bit of it and attracted quite a bit of attention from onlookers who were watching outside the glass window.

But we found it rather expensive. Just for that one session of about 20 minutes, it cost us $30. We paid another $2 for the swimming diaper. We decided that daddy will just bring Kenan downstairs to the pool, no point signing him up for a package with Hwa Xia. After all, he is already six months old and his immune system should be strong enough for him to start going to the public pool.

By the way, we also discovered yesterday that Kenan's first tooth has erupted! It was a really exciting moment for us as parents. When I brought Kenan to Angie's place few days back, her mom commented that Kenan is probably teething, I was still skeptical. After all, teething or not, he puts everything into his mouth all the time. Now I realise she's been really accurate with her observation. Ah, that's why she's a grandma and I'm not! And it made me feel kinda guilty that I don't even know that my boy is teething! I guess that explains his crankiness and how he's not his 'usual self' (cries more often, needs to be cradled and rocked to sleep, can't play on his own for long, irritable etc.). Sorry Kenan that mommy hasn't been as observant or understanding enough. But I really do love you. Always will.


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