Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wicked Oven - Wickedly Good Creations

A while back, I was at a networking event and got to try some really delectable creations by mumpreneur Sam Leong, who runs a pastry business call Wicked Oven.

Being a new entrepreneur, Sam was there to let participants try out her yummy food in exchange for feedback. She sponsored four items for the event:

- Broccoli frittata bites
- Chocolate cream cheese muffins
- Chocolate ganache cupcakes
- Ham and cheese muffins

Of these, the chocolate cream cheese muffins were definitely my favourite! Rich, chocolatey and moist, the moment I sank my teeth into the muffin, I was smittened. The sweetness of the chocolate (just sweet enough) blended perfectly with the savoury cheese to offer a totally delightful bite.

I also like the size, it’s smaller than most cupcakes and muffins you find elsewhere and can be finished in a bite or two. They make wonderful snacks for networking events because you can eat gracefully and not have to open you mouth wide when taking a bite. Some other participants also said the food was great because they can eat more and try out different flavours, unlike the normal bigger cupcakes or muffins where they might be quite full after eating just one.

After the event, few of us even bought some of the cupcakes and muffins from Sam as they were so irresistably yummy!

I bought these home for my family and they enjoyed it

For Wicked Oven's full menu, click here. Sam doesn't have a shop yet. So if you want to order, please contact her via email or mobile.

Wicked Oven
email :
mobile : +65 9663 3051


Sam Leong said...

Thank you Ruth for your kind words and support!

You can check out the latest on my website or our Facebook page. Recently, I added a new item, Carrot Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting and a Chinese New Year item - Mandarin Orange Cupcake! The Mandarin Orange Cupcake has an added plus of being gluten-free and fat-free.

Ruth said...

Your menu is growing! Looking forward to even more new creations :)


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