Monday, July 11, 2011

Disney Junior Debuts Today!

Disney Junior debuts on Starhub Channel 311 today!

To celebrate this event, Disney organised a launch party 'Ahoy to Never Land' at the Sapphire Pavilion on Siloso Beach yesterday.... and we were invited to the event!

Since receiving the invite a few weeks ago, I've been counting down to the event. You might not believe this but I was really excited about meeting Mickey and Minnie!

The invite states that the party would start at 9am and I was worried if Kenan might have problem getting up so early. But surprisingly, he was up before I even tried waking him. He must have understood when mommy showed him the invite and told him we were going to see Mickey and Minnie!

After breakfast at Harbourfront's Mac Donald's, we crossed the road to take the shuttle bus specially chartered by Disney (so thoughtful!) that brought us right up to the door step of Sapphire Pavilion.

Kenan enjoying the bus ride, this was his second time on a bus 

Can't wait to experience the magic of the pirate-themed party

This greeted us at the entrance - clear blue skies, splashes of bright, cheerful colors and swaying coconuts trees - what a perfect setting

We couldn't miss the chance of taking a photo here. And there were lots of opportunities for family photos throughout the event, hooray!

This was the first time Kenan stepped on sand - barefooted! Yes, I've deprived him of much fun (guilty)

As Kenan was running a temperature the last two days (due to his vaccination), we decided to minimise the physical activities. We saw some activities going on indoors and decided joined in. First up was hand printing (see what the little girl is doing) - but Kenan resisted as he didn't want his hand 'dirtied' by the paint. So it ended up looking like what I thought was a bear's paw.. haha!

Next was family photo time. We had two, and one was made into a cert for Kenan 

The organisers also thoughtfully prepared colouring activity but our boy was more interested in something else. He grabbed daddy's water and happily sipped away ("I'm drinking water for adults!") while taking in the sight and sounds around him.

Finally - the moment we've been waiting for. Kenan was all smiles when his beloved characters appeared on stage!

Thank you, Disney for the wonderful party! Congratulations on the launch of Disney Junior!


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