Thursday, July 28, 2011


On Sunday, at a carnival at Marina Barage, two parents waited patiently in line for about half an hour at a balloonist's stall to get the artist create a Mickey Mouse for their little toddler.

People around the stall watched with fascination - the balloonist took a few balloons, twisted and turned them about and five minutes later, the well-loved cartoon character was created.

The toddler liked Balloon Mickey so much, he refused to let it go.

At home, he introduced Balloon Mickey to Soft-Toy Mickey and they hit it off immediately and became best of friends.

Unfortunately, Balloon Mickey was found mutilated two days later. No suspect has yet been found and investigation is still underway. Soft-Toy Mickey is reported to be so saddened by the incident that he is now being treated for depression.


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