Friday, July 1, 2011

A Slice of History (Part 1): Trip to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I wasn't planning on going to the railway station, after all, I've never been there my whole life and it doesn't hold any special memories for me. But after chancing upon a post on mommy Ing's blog and seeing the unique architecture, I was suddenly all excited about playing witness to this historical moment. Well at least in future, Kenan can boast during history class that he's been to the railway station before the last train rumbled out of the station ya?

So there we were over the weekend, together with hundreds of other visitors and photography buffs. I took out my camera, all ready to snap as many photos as possible. I pressed the on button once, nothing. Pressed again. Nothing. OMG! I forgot the battery! I was charging it before leaving the house but had totally forgotten about it when we went out in a hurry. So all the photos you'll see here are taken with my iphone.

One of the four statues at entrance of the station

Arch at the entrance decorated with eight-pointed stars

Huge mosaic murals inside the railway station

Malaysian flags on one side of the platform

Railway track

A train that has docked at the station

The rail track

Some signages found inside the station

More signages

The KTM train timetable

The last few days of this food stall and a visitor eagerly taking photos while queueing up for food

Another food stall owner that is affected by closure of the station

People trying to grab train tickets for the last few rides out of the station

A KTM signage I spotted while walking back to our car

Lastly, a family photo - I loved the way he peeped into the camera!
Kenan, you've been part of this historic moment!

To read more about the history of the station's architecture, you can read these two bloggers' post here and here. Very informative with some wonderful photos, enjoy!


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