Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Every 'Pro-Family' Supermarket Should Have This

Recently, I met up with a good friend for lunch at Nex shopping mall. Since it's been a long time since my friend last saw Kenan, I decided to bring him along. But it was with some degree of anxiety that I did that. The last time I took him out for lunch with another friend, he was so restless that we had to rushed through the meal, leaving me feeling really apologetic and telling the little one, who looked at me with innocent eyes, that mommy's gonna ground him. But of course I won't be so mean to him. And perhaps he understood my message; he was really well behaved throughout the meal that day.

After a nice lunch and some great conversations, we decided to head to the NTUC supermarket to do some quick grocery shopping. To Kenan's delight, we discovered this:

Needless to say, my boy was thrilled. It was his first time sitting in a 'car' and every fun new experience is always welcomed with open arms by this curious little one.

He played peek-a-boo with us inside his 'car' and pretended to be a F1 driver. Later on, he tried getting in and out of the car. He was excited and had so much fun that day that the moment we got into the cab, he immediately dozed off.

I wished more supermarkets will have such fun push-carts. How about having some cartoon characters on them as well?


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