Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bubble Fun @ Upper Pierce Reservoir

It was a weekday afternoon, the spouse had taken leave earlier that day to bring me to the doctor because I've hurt my back. We initially thought it might be a slipped disc, as I felt sharp pains in the back when I moved. But the GP's diagnosis turned out to be muscle strain.

By late afternoon, I felt a bit better, after taking the painkillers the doc prescribed. I decided we should not waste the precious leave my hubby took, and suggested we head out somewhere, for a short walk perhaps. We ended up at Upper Pierce Reservoir, playing bubbles with Kenan.

I stood and watched, happy seeing the father and son playing together and contented with just snapping photos of precious moments such as these.

I also loved the peace and quiet of the place. There was not the usual jogging crowd often seen at other reservoirs, just a large family having a picnic near the bank of the reservoir, an expat family taking a stroll in the park and a family of three playing ball.

On the way out, we stopped our car twice, so Kenan could see the monkeys. Our little tot who loves animals was thrilled.

I thank God for that lovely day. I thank God for a caring husband and for my beautiful family.


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