Thursday, March 29, 2012

Having Fun Without Gadgets

I know that it is inevitable that my boy gets exposed to gadgets and be drawn to them as a source of entertainment. While I'm guilty of the occasional "gadget babysitting", I still believe that at my son's age, he should really be exploring the world around him instead of getting fixated on a screen that may potentially put him on the path to myopia.

So I'm learning to close an eye to mess he creates in the name of fun and play, as long as he keeps away from my hubby's and my iPhones (no, we don't own an iPad as we don't want him to get the idea that he's got another new 'toy' to play with, so it's still the laptop for us).

Newspapers being thrown all over the floor. I'm not sure how fun this is but he sure enjoyed it!

He got all fingers black and dirty, so we whisked away to the bathroom for a wash. It's the first time he held a bar of soap in his hands (before that it's always the handwash) so it was another round of play again!

How about you? Are you ok with letting your child play with gadgets? How often and for how long are they allowed on the gadget each time?


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