Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sick and Thankful

It seems like when you're a mom, being sick takes at least double the time to recover. Especially when you're having a sore throat.

I've been having a sore throat and cough for over two weeks now and lost my voice twice in between that period. I also saw the doctors four times - because I was eager (or maybe even desperate) to recover. Because I hate coughing in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep. One of the doctors asked me to rest my throat more and I smiled and said I'll try. But inside, I was thinking "No way!" When you have a toddler who is testing the boundaries all the time, I'm thankful enough that I don't have to yell all the time.

And the little boy has been sick too. He probably caught a bug at school and was the first to be sick at home. But boy, what a difference age makes when it comes to being sick. Despite having fevers, a running nose and coughing, he is full of energy and playful as ever, as if he isn't sick at all. Argh.

But I'm thankful. I'm thankful that my boy hasn't been more sick. I'm thankful that as a WAHM, I can try to rest whenever possible and not worry that the bosses be unhappy that I'm less productive at work, or worse, have to be absent from the office with an MC.

So while the past few weeks had been trying in various ways, I'm still thankful for God in how He's blessed us in so many ways.

Thankful for clear blue skies... showers of blessings... and sunshine after the rain... reminding me to be hopeful and stay positive

Thankful for the joy in the little boy and for God in keeping him strong


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