Friday, July 30, 2010

Playdate with Two Jie-jies

As a child, I was painfully shy and didn’t know how to socialise. I attribute this to the fact that my parents didn’t bring me out much when I was little. So now as a mom, I think it is imperative that Kenan gets to meet more people from young, and thankfully, he seems to enjoy socializing.

Today, he got the chance to meet aunty Angie, my good friend and a WAHM with two lovely girls. While this wasn’t the first time he’s seen aunty Angie, it was his first time meeting the two jie-jies!

Usually before I bring Kenan out, I would pre-empt him and tell him what we’ll be doing later. I’m not sure if he understands anything of what I say, but I’ve observed that by informing him beforehand, it seems to help him warm up faster or adapt to the new environment much better.

Like today, the moment I plonked him on Angie’s sofa, he started smiling at the people around him. I was really pleased, not just because he warmed up quickly, but because I hope this means he is growing up into a sociable little boy. It was most fun seeing how he interacted with other adults as well as the two lovely jie-jies, Jo and Belle, ages 7 and 4 respectively.

Of course, Kenan is really too small to know how play with the two girls. But they were extremely sweet and tried to entertain him. Belle was generous and brought out toys for Kenan to play with. Amongst them was a green bouncy ball – I sat Kenan on it and bounced him up and down and he was thrilled. Then the girls took turns in trying to carry him. Jo, being the older one, could carry him well and he was smiling away. When Belle carried him, he 'bullied' her and fidgetted and the poor girl couldn't hold him down.

But the highlight of the day was probably something that Belle said – she announced that she wants to marry Kenan! I find that really cute, don't kids just say the most amusing things in the world? Then Jo let out a secret: Belle had said that to a few other boys too. Hahaha, and I had thought it was because Kenan was really cute!

As for me, it’s really good to be able to just put work aside for a while and spend time with friends. It certainly helps to keep me sane.

Thank you Angie, for having us over. We really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the next meeting! Thanks too for the photos!

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jochan said...

We welcome you and Kenan anytime. I'm sure there will be more of such meets. Thanks for visiting. The pleasure is ours, really.


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