Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interesting Finds at Daiso Part One: A Handy Toy to Have In Your Bag

I chanced upon this magic drawing board at Daiso a while ago and bought it for Kenan.

At that time, he had just turned 13 months and didn't quite fancy it. Recently, I took it out again for him to play with and he got hooked.

I initially wanted to get a bigger one for him from places like Kiddy Palace but when I saw this, I decided it would be a better choice, because I really don't know if he will like it and I don't want to waste the money. So at only $2, this is a steal.

It's also a handy size - at about 20cm x 15cm in dimension, it's a great toy to carry around in your bag. It keeps my boy entertained on the highchair when we are eating out.

But watch out for the two small red magnets - one in heart-shape and the other a triangle (see the left of the magic board in photo). I only let him play with them under close supervision as they can end up as choking hazards.


Yee Lin said...

Clever Kenan. Ayden still doesn't quite get the board when I let him play with his. :P

Ruth said...

My boy didn't like it initially and couldn't draw on it as well. Then I started drawing things he likes e.g. stars, and held his hand to teach him how to draw them. That's how he began to enjoy it :)

MamaJ said...

We love Daiso too, its a treasure trove of materials suitable for learning and craft and what nots! :)

Oh, and we have the same colourful playpen too! Just that now it no longer keeps the boy in!

Ruth said...

Yes, Daiso is a treasure trove! I like shopping there, and my boy enjoys it too. I'll let him sit on the shopping cart and he gets a good view of everything :)

About the playpen, my boy simply hates being in it, 5 mins and he wants out! Haha...!


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