Friday, April 22, 2011

These Books Are Cheap!

Was at Nex shopping mall this morning and happened to pop into FairPrice Xtra to grab something and saw some children's books on sale. They were so cheap I couldn't stop myself from getting a few titles. It might be a while before Kenan gets to read them all - he has a tendency to rip pages off and it's not really suited for his age so I got to 'ration' his reading, but I think it's worth stocking up!

Here are the books I got:

Disney's Little Einsteins Series: Christmas Wish ($1.90)

Little Einsteins Series: Incredible Shrinking Adventure ($1.90)

Little Einsteins Series: Dinosaurs After Dark ($1.90)

Little Einsteins Series: Farmer Annie's Garden ($3.90)

Little Einsteins My First Picture Dictionary: Arts and Music ($3.90)

A few Chinese books, all at $1.90 each

Inside one of the Chinese books; these are board books, so Kenan will get to read them now.

My First Learning Card Series: Daily Necessities ($6.90).
Also saw transportation, animals, fruits and vegetables. 

The back of the box of cards

I overheard someone asked about the sale and was told it started yesterday and will be on for two weeks. My husband stopped me from getting more, but I might just go and grab another few!


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