Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrating National Day

Happy belated birthday, Singapore!

I had wanted to post this last night, but after a long day of activities, I was just too tired. In fact, I went to bed early - just past midnight, which is a rarity these days (on most nights, I sleep at about 2am).

This year, we celebrated National Day at my cousin's place, where a big group of children clad in red tops had gathered.  When the National Day parade started, the kids parked themselves in front of the TV, each holding a little Singapore flag in their hands, which they waved every time they found something to be exciting about - and there were plenty of such moments for them.

However, our little boy wasn't interested in watching the programme, but he definitely had fun with the flag. By the way, I'm now teaching Kenan the flags of the world, and the national flag is one of the first few that he recognised and remembered. What a true blue Singaporean!

He also had a great companion the whole night - his cousin who's just four months older. Since Kenan doesn't have a sibling (yet), it's wonderful he has little cousins to play and grow up with.

Then there's a bunch of older cousins as well,  who I think are the sweetest bunch of children I know! Not only do they show care towards their two little cousins - like watching out for them in case they bump into tables or fall down when they run, they also play with the two toddlers. Since Kenan doesn't have a sibling (yet), I think it's such a blessing that he has cousins like these!

So how did you spend your National Day?


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