Sunday, August 21, 2011

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I know I have been quiet of late. It's not that I've suddenly given up on blogging, but that I've been busy with some personal projects offline.

Plus Kenan has been sick - he has been coughing for about two months now and developed a high fever on Friday. He was still having a temperature yesterday but thankfully, it's been coming down. I just hope that he will recover fully real soon. But I have a strong hunch that the slow recovery with the cough has something to do with his recent vaccinations - twice he had his jabs when he was almost well and the cough would return the next day.

The PD was quite surprised by my observation. While she was certain that the jabs don't cause the cough, they might have overburdened my boy's immune system, which ended up having to fight the virus that caused the cough and at the same time build up immunity against the virus/bacteria introduced by the vaccine.

So my advice to any parent is try not to let your child go through any vaccination unless he or she is in perfectly good health. In my boy's case, the PD assessed that it's ok for him to take the jab but in the end, it likely caused his cough to drag on, and I felt real bad that I didn't listen to my gut feel and postponed the vaccination.

Anyway, I've also been busy decluttering and reorganising my home. I know I've mentioned it in my previous post a while back and you might wonder why am I not done with it yet. Well, partly because I only have about an hour or so a day to do it (and on some days, I'm too busy with other things to have time for it). The other reason (and I'm embarrassed to admit this) is that I have a problem with accumulating things. I have a tendency to keep things thinking that I would need them some time in the future. But the truth is, I don't ever touch the bulk of them again. So with the storage spaces at home almost filled to the brim, and in a great desire to declutter and simplify my life, I've been ruthlessly pruning the stuff at home. I managed to sell some of them online and 'earned' some money. I'm also happily shopping at Daiso for things to help me better organise things at home.

Talking about home organising, you might like to check out some of my favourite sites on this topic:

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Do you have some favourite home organizing sites? Hope you can share them with me!


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