Friday, August 12, 2011

Sun with Moon @ Chijmes

We're fans of Japanese cuisine and Sun with Moon is a restaurant we like going to, especially the one at Chijmes (we used to frequent the branch at The Central, which is now closed). We like its chic and classy interiors, as well as cozy ambience created by dim, warm lighting. The place is usually not packed on weekends (from the few times we've been there), so there's no waiting queue. This is great for people like us, who has a restless toddler in tow.

So last Sunday, wanting to be away from crowded places for a nice dinner, we found ourselves there again.

The hubby helped place the order. I was too busy entertaining and feeding the little one to take note of the names of the items we had. But here are some photos of what we ate:

My favourite dish was the foie gras (pan seared) served with toast on lettuce (see photo top left corner).  The foie gras was tender and went perfectly well with the extra crispy toast and crunchy lettuce.

Then, there were the desserts:

I really liked the Hokkaido chocolate milk crepe (second picture). It's a cake made from alternating layers of chocolate mousse and crepes - it has a smooth and creamy texture and wasn't too sweet. Delicious!

Of course, the little boy had his share of fun too. These days, he's getting better at posing for the camera and would make funny faces at times :)

By the way, we enjoyed a 20% discount and 10% return voucher as part of their National Day promotion (till15 August only); the vouchers have to be used by end of this month.

So if you're wondering where to go for a nice meal this weekend, you might like to give this restaurant a try. Do note that they don't open for lunch on Saturdays.

Sun with Moon
30 Victoria Street
#02-01 CHIJMES
Singapore 187996
Tel: 6336 3166


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