Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday was one of those days where I could hardly get any work done, thanks to my ever restless toddler. Even the helper couldn't pry him away from me, as he kept climbing up my chair and tried to hijack the laptop, or he would pull my hand to make me come down from the chair and play with him.

I decided to bring him out to the park, specifically the Bishan Park, because he would get to see lots of dogs there, which he so loves.

However, I have another agenda too, which was to visit the new McDonald's (didn't get chance to during our previous visit about two months ago).

While I'm not a fan of fast food, I thought it looked like a great place to hang out, since it's situated within a park that should look really quite good after all the renovation works are completed.

To get to McDonald's, we have to walk across an arched bridge that is built over a river converted from a canal (it looked more like a stream at the moment, since the water was very shallow).

But just getting to the bridge and crossing it took us a really long time, as Kenan was so attracted by the dogs he saw along the way that he would literally run after them.

Mid-way up the bridge, we saw a family fishing, and many curious passers-by stopped to look at their catch, which they kept in a pail of water. I have no idea at all what those fishes are called but I'm told they are edible and taste really delicious when fried!

My curious little boy was so excited about the fishes that he almost dipped his hand into the pail to touch them.

This is the bridge that links to McDonald's.

By the way, the revamped Bishan Park will have three new playgrounds - Adventure Playground (offering climbing play facilities for teenagers),  Bubble Playground (rubber moulds set in a sea of sand) for younger kids, and Water Playground - for children who enjoy playing with water. I'm looking forward to bringing Kenan to  these playgrounds once they are open!

Do you have a favourite park you like bringing your kids to?


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